1. What is it?

Screencasting is an audio/video recording of activities performed in a computer screen. It is often referred to video screen capture. It is often used for teach the functionalities of a software in an easily replicable manner(Screencast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Software makes the Screencasting process easier compared to using other methods like using a video camera. Major advantages include

  • Ease of creation
  • Smaller file size

Post processing (adding annotations, visual cues and the related).

2. Software Required

You can use a free or a trial version of a screencasting software to do the assignment to reduce your financial burden.

Commercial software like “Camtasia Studio (http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html)” makes it easier to make a Screencasting. It provides an editor which makes the post processing activities (e.g. cutting, stitching) easy and thus creates a visually appealing output. This comes with a cost compared to the free alternatives.

A popular alternative with limited post-processing capabilities is the “Icecream Screen Recorder”.


Learning the User Interface

At a basic form, you need to be able to

  • Record your activities with both video and audio 
  • Compress the generated files (e.g. in mp4 format)

You can use video tutorials available at YouTube.com e.g. How To Record Your Computer Screen With IceCream Screen Recorder

3. Basic parts of a screen-casting assignment

1. Start the screencast by including your NSU information- Name, NSU ID, Course, Section, Assignment number. You can create a slide in PowerPoint using this information and show it during the first five seconds of your Screencast.

2. Narrate/explain your activities as you are doing them. This doesn’t need to be professional quality but needs to be audible and in English.

4. Video processing

If your software does not do this automatically, use a software that permits compression. Make sure your output video

  • Plays/renders using standard video player (e.g. mp4 file)
  • The file size is less than 100MB
  • The file resolution is greater than 480px in height
  • The frame rate is greater than 15fps
  • The file duration should be no more than 10 mins

Split the assignments into multiple files (as necessary) and provide a sequence number at the end.

  • filename-1.mp4
  • filename-2.mp4
  • filename-3.mp4
  • filename-4.mp4


3. Bibliography

Screencast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 9 August 2014. 10 August 2014 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screencast>.

Software repository

Can I take the help of the internet to answer a question from the assignment?

These assignments are open book and other materials. When you answer, make sure you consider the context of the textbook(s) assigned. So when you use internet and other materials, use within this context.

What is the word limit for an assignment?

Make your answer concise without missing any of the required part of the question. If your ideas are not clear- elaborate to show your understanding.

Should I type the assignment? How can I insert a diagram?

Yes, you will need to type in the assignment.

For documents like reports and answering questions, use Google Docs. If you need to use another software (e.g. Google Drawing) to create the diagram that you can insert into your Google Docs.

For presentations, use Google Slide.

How to submit an assignment in Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is enabled for NSU students. There are a lot of features that will help us make a stride towards a digital class. The major advantage for us include

  • Smooth assignment process
    • Posting regarding announcement, assignments, student posts, and comments
    • Easier assignment submission and grade-checking
    • Mobile interface for both apple and android devices
  • Fast high availability server.
  • Easy to learn with lots of helpful documents and videos on the web.
  • Single sign-on using your NSU email account. An NSU email account is mandatory for you to enroll in the class.
  • You don't have to learn how a software works everay time you take a new course.

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