Prioritizing your study

You should prioritize such that you get better grade (and understanding!) comparing to the number of hours you study. Refer to the textbook(s) and research online if you find difficulty understanding a topic. Make a list such that you can get clarification from your faculty.

  1. Do a Sample exams- print out one of the sample exams and writing answers on it.
  2. Follow the IOAs. If you were assigned IOAs, 90% or more question will be from the IOAs. There could be simple modification to the IOAs yet the ideas will be the same. This means you have to read the questions carefully to ensure you are answering correctly.
  3. Follow the slides. Understand the diagrams. Often the slides has limited information- only the top-level ones. If you feel getting lost- go to the textbook(s). You will need the textbook to better understand the slides particularly on topics you are not very comfortable.
  4. Read the textbook. There is no better way to understand the topic and you will be confident with your answers. You can supplement slides with Wikipedia and your goggle-research.

Other great ideas:

  • Create cheat-sheets as you study
  • Practice solved problems in the book (if any)
  • Practice assignments (if any)
  • Use Wikipedia and/or Google to get additional insight on a problem

Question Pattern

There are typically Multiple Choice (MCQ), true-false fill in the gap, short question, and analytical questions in the exam. These questions are similar to IOAs. Also sample questions are available in your course page.

Instructions for during exam

  • Read the question at least twice to understand it and answer accordingly (objectively).
  • Keep the readings (textbook, lectures) in mind and/or provide details including any assumption(s).
  • Select the best. Use the blank-side if you need additional space and make sure your reference it.
  • If a question asks for explanation, provide an example.
  • Fill in your NSU ID (on the bottom).
  • Do not write you name anywhere in the exam-book and/or answer sheet.
  • Turn off you cell phone during exam.