A steps by step approach

  1. First understand the problem
    • Print/write the problem document.
    • Create a mind-mapping 
  2. Shared google doc to keep all notes
  3. Meet 1
    • Identify organization
    • Converge mindmaps it in a group setting
  4. Select coordinator(s), divide responsibilities
  5. Review with Mindmap during Office hours
  6. Keep regular commincation using Facebook
  7. Preparation before interview
    • Understand the problem using a mindmap, Wikipedia, Web search and the faculty
    • Stay humble
  8. Report compilation

How to make a shared Google Doc

  1. One of the students
    1. Creates the document
    2. Gives it an appropriate title 
    3. Create the title page
    4. Paste the assignment outline (Table of Content) from the assignment
  2. share the document with his/her group members with edit permission.
  3. Students meet (online/offline) decide on who is going to work on what parts / paragraphs. Every part/paragraph should be assigned to at least two member.
  4. Write in Google Docs. Questions can be left in comments or colored text.
  5. Meet(online/offline) to resolve complex topics.
  6. Format and finalize the document.



Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ6EaMWiWCc https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14mpGJZwUL-EqBvJvJoQltRlrqoFSMDWu...

Where are some sample business models? A video tutorial.

Create/Join a Facebook (closed) group

  1. Designate one of the group member to create a "closed" Facebook group.
  2. Join the group.
  3. Post your email address and phone number in the Facebook group.

Create a Shared Google Doc

  • Designate one of the group member to create the document.
  • Add all the group members with "edit" permission.
  • Mane the document GA1-"Group Name"

How can I request to extend an assignment?

Before you request an extension
* Please specify the activities you have completed
* How long it will take for you to do the rest of the activities
* How will the extension benefit you
* Why do you think you deserve the extension

You can request extending a "group assignment" when the group is present (e.g. in class).