How my grades will be calculated?

You can review your grades during any office hour after a week of the completion of an exam or assignment.

During the final week, all assignment grades will be posted online. It will be posted in a sequence like this
. Attendance posted
. Quiz grades posted
. Midterm and bonus grades posted
. Lab and bonus grades posted
. Group Assignments and bonus grades posted

You can review while the grades are getting posted. After all the grades are posted, you will get 1 day for a final review. If you have a dispute during this time, please review the dispute resolution section. Your grades will be weighted as described in the course outline. Curves might be applied in line with the department policy.

The total and letter grades will not be posted online as it is against the NSU policy.

Good luck

You can download the attached excel sheet to get a feel for it.

Sample Grade Calculation.xlsx55.62 KB