How to remove a group member?

Removing somebody from your group is strongly discouraged. One of the main reason being you need to be able to work with different type of people including difficult ones.

Yet there are some time when a group member must be removed. In such a case, only one group member can be removed at a time and approval from all the other group members (in the form of email acknowledgement) is required.


Step 1. Email me a formal application requesting the removal of the group member

  • Include group member name and NSU ID
  • Explain three instances of negligence committed including proof (screenshots of emails, Facebook message, call-log and similar). Common negligence include not replying email, not replying phone calls, and not submiting assignment (parts) requested from the member.
  • Explain what you (as a group) have done to accommodate the non-cooperating member.
  • CC the email to all group member including the non-cooperating group member.

Step 2. Within 2 business-days the non-cooperating group member needs to contact me and explain the situation. If no common understanding occurs the group member will be removed and his/her submission within the group will be nulled.