Should I do IOA or in class quiz? [Traditional]

IOAs act as a question bank for the midterms. So it helps you get a better grade by studying them before a midterm or a final.

Also, you get immediate feedback (you can review which questions you got right and/or wrong) after the IOA, that's a plus.

How can I do my IOAs easily?

Idea- Do your IOA on the go using inernet connected smartphones

  1. In between classes
  2. other free time
  3. while eating Kachchi Biryani
  4. while traveling back home
  5. while listening to music
  6. while hanging out in the gallery
  7. while drinking Moju Mama tea
  8. In the library
  9. waiting in traffic jam
  10. waiting in re-advising line
  11. waiting in bank lines
  12. waiting for faculty members
  13. waiting for the elevator
  14. boring lectures @ class
  15. boring lectures from elder family members
  16. waiting in Facebook for a "chat reply"
  17. waiting for a song/natok download to finish
  18. while watching the boring part of the movie!
  19. waiting for friend

if you are bored at Fantasy Kingdom (picnic)
... IOAs last 2 days, many options are a good thing.

Ideas contributed by:
Mumu Benzir Alam, Nahida Sultana, Adeyl Khan

During an IOA I see the message the server is not responding. what do i do now? [Error]

The server might be congested if there is too many requests at a time. This is applicable for any server in the internet.

Things you can consider to resolve any such issue
* Check your internet connection speed ( and make sure you have 128kbps or more)
* Refresh the webpage (Ctrl+F5 on most browsers). You might have to do it multiple times
* Consider changing your browser
* Search the internet for resolving such issue.

Where can I find the IOAs? [New Student]

You will find the IOA links in the assignment page. You need to be logged in to see the link.


How is a quiz different than IOA? [New Student]

IOA or Individual online assessments are a user-friendly version of quiz. The term IOA is used to distinguish it from the traditional paper based quiz system as the IOAs are performed online (compared to paper-based quiz) and longer in duration (1 day or more).

IOAs are often used as a replacement of Individual assignments and/or quiz.