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How I got a good grade: 

Greetings to everyone,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy in this critical time. This is Tasnim Tabassum Mustafa and I have completed my MIS207 course under the guidance of one of the most organized and respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in Summer-2020 session. This semester has been very different as it brought out many challenges for us as it was totally online based which is something we were not familiar with. As this was a slightly tough semester for us, there are some things I needed to do in order to keep up with the classes.

Firstly, as it was an online based semester it was very important for us to have a computer as the usage of computers is imperative for this course especially for Labs because it requires the usage of some software’s which is not operatable on mobile phones. So, I would suggest before starting on in this course, make sure you have an operatable computer (if you don’t have a personal laptop please borrow it from someone but make sure you have one).

Next, the thing I made sure was having a proper usable internet connection. Even in case of electricity cut or other Wi-Fi issues, I never faced any problems as I had always kept sufficient data on my phone.

Thirdly, I would suggest everyone to follow and keep checking the course website ( as it contains everything from the course materials to announcements of important dates to the office hours to the lecture and online class videos to FAQ’s and many more.

There are a few things needed to be done in order to do well and below is the list of things that I did to maintain good marks and to stay focused:

  1. Attended all the classes and on time.

  2. Always went through lecture videos before attending the class and participated on the class discussion regularly through which I earned my participation points and also had a better and clear understanding on the topic (Tip: Take a break and watch the lecture video in intervals).

  3. Grabbed all the bonuses (You will get a lot of chances to get bonuses, try to avail each of them)

  4. Solved the sample questions before sitting on for mids and final (It helps in understanding the question pattern).

  5. Researched a lot (Do not rely solely on the course materials, there are a lot of useful information on the internet, use them and increase your knowledge).

  6. Tried relating every concept in companies’ perspective.

Lastly, to conclude I want to say in order to perform good in this course and in any other course keep your spirits high and try to stay as positive as you can. You will learn a lot from this cool(est) faculty. Wish you a wonderful semester. Sleep well and eat a lot of kacchi!