Mahbuba Jannat

Mahbuba Jannat
How I got a good grade: 

As you can see that I have done 2 courses with AYN sir at the same time, the entire semester was definitely not a piece of cake. Yes, I had to study, but I really enjoyed the whole summer semester. My friends used to give me free advice about dropping the course, and so on. but I didn't bother to pay heed to them. After 2-3 classes, I understood if I follow the lectures, slides, and definitely the text book, I can expect a good grade :-)

Well, for getting a good grade, and definitely for learning, the online IOAs, Labs are very important. Try to study the course materials by marking/ highlighting the text, and if possible, try to make your own notes. I always do the same. For assignment and term project, follow the guidelines carefully provided in this website. And yes, ask sir whenever you need to clear doubts. Also, I would like very much to help you studying for the course and feel free to call me at my number XXXXXXXXXXX or you can inbox me at . Thank you, Wish you the very best of luck