Outstanding students and how they did it!

  • Nishat Nailah

    This is how Nishat Nailah got an A (MIS105 @ 2017 Fall) .

    Hello good people!
    I’m Nishat Nailah. I did my MIS105 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my faculty in the Fall’17. It was a sophiticated class and exciting as well. I got an A by following these tactics:

    • Attend all the classes. It will bring you bonuses as well
    • Don’t miss any IOA (online quiz) or lab. You need to be very punctual about the LAB submission and attending IOAs
    • Be professional and objective in class
    • Practice previous semester’s question paper and prepare well before the exam
    • Follow the website on a regular basis for updates about IOAs, labs and announcements
    • Try to grab the bonus points offered by the faculty

    If you face any problem regarding the course, please contact the faculty during the office hour. The faculty is one of the most helpful faculties in NSU. You can get help from the facebook page of this course also.
    Wish you all the very best. May the odds be in your favor In-shaa ALLAH 

  • Subah Nawar Ahmed

    This is how Subah Nawar Ahmed got an A- (MIS205 @ 2017 Fall) .

    Hello Everyone.

    I am Subah Nawar Ahmed and i did my MIS205 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Fall 2017 semester. First i would like to talk about our faculty. Before coming to this course, I heard some negative rumours about him, but as i went through the course many of them were proved to be wrong. The faculty is great and has always been helpful throughout the course. As MIS205 is a higher (than MIS105) level course, it was not an easy. Yet I was able to get a good grade with dedicattion and support. My advice with this course is to have patience and never give up.

    You have to study the book in a details to answer the IOA (online quiz) questions. The question that are present in the IOA’s would also be 60% of the Midterms and Final question paper so it is very much important to solve those before the major exams.

    The term project and the assignments are pretty tricky and require some research work, and a good group. As you will be allowed to choose two of your group member, chose wisely and try to work cordially with all of your group members.

    The major midterms and final exams will also have questions from the assignments and term project, So woking on your group assignment correctly will help you with the exams.

    Lastly, you have to attend every class as class examples (and instructions) are really important for labs, group assignments, term projects and bonuses.

    Try to achieve bonus points as those marks would immensely affect your final grade. Best of luck for the course and most importantly do not give up even if the situation gets tough. You can do it.

    I would like very much to help you studying for the course and feel free to contact me on my Facebook .

    Good luck!!

  • iTeach Image

    This is how Joshua Aaron Baroi got an A- (MIS105 @ 2017 Fall) .

    Hey Guys,
    This course is certainly a challenge, if you are looking for one. I was challenged to be professional on the first day of class and that was the get go which I really needed. I did not have to study much for this course to be very honest, although, I had to work a lot for it.
    The assignments and the group projects are the difficult part of this course. Make sure you finish the assignments on time, and you deliver all the materials required.
    All the instructions you need to succeed in this course, are given in the FAQ section of the course website. Make sure you read the FAQ section a minimum of two to three times during the entirety of this course.
    What I must say for this course is that, you need to be selective about the things you study, studying everything will confuse you as much as it confused me.

    • The questions of the Individual Online Assessments (IOAs) are pretty difficult, unless you read ahead. Spoiler- all the questions are from the back of the chapter and the answers are given in the back of the book as well. It will take you a solid one hour to take preparation for the online quizzes, which will grant you a score of 85% minimum if not 100%.
    • You have to be even more selective while you study for the Midterms and the Final Exam. There is a question bank in sir's website. Questions of midterm exams and final exams of previous semesters are uploaded there. Download those questions, answer those questions (from the book/slides), and study those questions. All the questions you find on the actual exam will be common if you do the following.
    • The group assignments cab be tricky- it had me confused right until the end. But I would suggest everyone to do something that I didn't do, that is go to sir and talk to him about the requirements, because its better to do something right and give little effort in it than to do something completely wrong and giving a lot of effort in it.
    • Make sure you practice for the Lab exam, time and time again.
    • And last but not least, make sure to look for errors made by sir, in the IOA's and in the Midterms. Finding any error, what so ever it may be, will lead to a bonus mark, which is vital.

    And for the sake of your pride, do not drop this course like some guys  did during the course. 

    I would like to help you to study for this course, so feel free to contact me on Facebook by clicking on this link:- facebook, or just call me +8801772693351

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    This is how Shadman Shakib got an A (MIS105 @ 2017 Fall) .

    Hello friends,

    This is Shadman Shakib and I did MIS105 with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the fall 2017. When I first took the course, I had seen some bad reviews about the faculty that got me worried. And I also saw the reflection of those reviews on the very second class.

    Honestly after the first few classes I thought it was uninteresting because of the lengthy speeches. Yet after a few more lectures I actually figured the faculty wanted to deliver us a realistic view about the course/topic.

    I tried to be in track (schedule) from the first class by following his instructions. That’s why I was able to do good in the various assignments as mentioned in the course outline.

    So fellow students if you want to do brilliant in this course then I do suggest you some important tactics to get an excellent grade. The strategies I recommend are:

    • The course is well structured with clear guidelines, so make sure you follow them. You get almost all your queries cleared from the website itself.
    • Try to read all the slides which will be covered in each class. The main thing is you guys will need to clear the concepts of the slides and try to memorize some important words for the midterms and final.
    • All the project and assignments are very much crucial. For the group assignments you should do mind map for getting an excellent output.
    • Don’t miss the class! In case you are force to do so submit an application for it.
    • Try to concentrate in every classes- class participation is very important. The faculty gives enough chances to ask questions and you might end up with bonus points like me.
    • The faculty gives a lot of chances to earn bonus points, grab them!
    • Study in groups before exams- it helps a lot with mis-perceptions and makes you remember.
    • Put extra weight on charts and diagrams, I always noted them down in my class note.
    • Study well for the IOAs and reread them before exams, they carry a lot of marks. Especially for the mids and final.
    • Check the midterm papers and see where your faults are, make sure you don’t recurrence them next time. And click the pictures of those scripts for the next exams and group assignments

    What I learned from this course is professionalism is very important. You have to be punctual and obviously need to be smart enough to tackle the policies. Not only relentless works that makes you succeed, you also need to have a clear idea of what you are going to do in the next step. You must have to clear and objective knowledge in each topic.

    If you need any information or any help you can communicate with me with me. I would like very much to assistance you learning for the course and feel free to call me at my number "01712582787" or you guys can mail me in shadman.shakib01@northsouth.edu or message me in my given Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/shadman.shakib.186

    This is my recipe of getting an A. Hopefully it will help YOU too. Best of luck

  • Muhibbul Shehab Haq

    This is how Muhibbul Shehab Haq got an A (MIS205 @ 2017 Summer) .

    Hello fellow candidates,

    Hope you are doing well. Last semester (Summer 2017) I had done the MIS 205 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan. This course might be a little challenging for some of you and I have recommended a number of tactics to aid you in getting a good grade.

    Before laying out the guidelines, I would like to personally evaluate our the faculty (Mr. Adeyl Khan) from a professional perspective. Some students have repeatedly given negative remarks regarding his teaching styles and the similar. Well I would strongly disagree as throughout my semesters at NSU I have never been taught in such a simple and interactive way. He was very informative and vocal (confident), not to mention influencing us students every now and then to speak out our ideas and thoughts on various facts revolving the current management information system. Hence my advice to you would be to work hard and place a lot of concentration on the course will surely get you the desired and deserving grade at the end of the semester.

    In order to score a grade like ‘A’ there were a number of rigorous and challenging steps that had to be undertaken. I was stubbornly dedicated to score well in this course; hence these were the tactics that I had put forward:

    1) Always check the course website for all course related information. This is to avoid missing out any deadlines or announcements. In addition, try to attain knowledge about the current technological scenario going on in todays times, in that way you can relate to your GAs (Group Assignments) which will boost up the marks. The best medium would be the internet, while reading the daily newspapers could be a attractive way as well to deduce vital information.

    2) Secondly, you will be asked to give IOAs online. Unlike the traditional on-paper quizzes, it has the benefit of of doing it in a time of your choosing. Attempt all the quizzes properly, taking help from the slides, or books, even Google the topics if the topic seems unfamiliar. Also, after you are done with the quiz make sure to review the answers- particularly before the midterms.

    3) Midterms and Finals have to be attempted very seriously. Usually the faculty prefers answers with diagrams and charts and explanation within present world contexts. A detailed analysis will strongly boost up the marks in the short as well as the one broad question.

    4) Another important aspect of the course is the Group Assignments (and Term Project). Without doubt, the 2 GAs and TP should be done in the most professional and detailed manner since the whole group will be graded compared to individual members. Instructions are often clearly given in the project outlines and you should take the time in understanding every topics there. If you face a confusion regarding a topic of the project, immediately refer to the faculty in his office hours or after the class as he will clearly explain the parts. One more thing, avoid plagiarism at all costs!! This will reduce your project marks very badly.

    5) Labs and Presentations. Lab works were one of the most interesting part of the semester. We were given the opportunity to learn about HRM softwares and its applications which is deemed important in any corporate world. During the lab sessions, make sure to take help from our faculty to clearify your doubts since 3 of the Lab sessions carry 5% percent marks. Also you will find the video casting activity quite intriguing as well.

    In total, you will be having 3 presentations where you should be dressed in professional attires and like any official business meetings, be completely prepared to explain your group work/Term paper works clearly. Make sure not to leave room for any kind of missing information and of course follow the report guidelines as strictly as possible. Avoid giving irrelevant information.

    6) Finally the bonus marks will be awarded on various occasions that will give a lead in getting a good grade. Usually, in class if you can relate to an interesting example of the topic sir may award you bonus points. Also a full 100% attendance will get you a 3% bonus.

    All in all I would say that I had left no stones unturned in my effort to do well in the course for which my efforts were actually paid off. I had strongly followed the rules and never tried to behave outside the professional decorum, something that the faculty had carefully monitored.

    I hope my writings will help you attain an amazing grade in this course.

  • Adibuzzaman Chowdhury

    This is how Adibuzzaman Chowdhury got an A (MIS205 @ 2017 Summer) .

    Hello Good People!

    I hope you all are well by the grace of almighty Allah. In the Summer of 2017, I completed my MIS205 course under the supervision of Mr. Adeyl Khan. The course is difficult but if you can follow few strategies then you will do well in this course. 

    Now let me tell you something about the faculty "AYN". People will say a lot of demotivating things about sir. They will suggest you to drop his course. Facebook reviews are also against him. In fact when I got him, at the very beginning I was also very scared. People made me feel scared. But I didn't listen to them. I was confident that if I give my best I will surely get a good grade. And here I am, writing about my success, how I got an A in his course. To me the faculty is not a horrible person at all but one of the best ones. He is always so helpful and always tries to give good grades. So, nothing to worry about. Let people say rubbish about him and don't listen to them, because their opinion doesn't matter. Most of them never tried to study or they were bad students and didn't want to work hard. If you work hard you will surely get your desired grade.

    Now let me come to the point 'How I got an A?"

    Well, honestly speaking I really had to work hard to get an A. To do well in this course you will have to be professional and study. Try to keep yourself up to date with modern technological knowledge. 

    • IOA: IOA plays a vital role as you will get 100% common MCQ and T/F questions of your midterm and final questions from IOA's. If you can learn IOA questions then you will surely get good marks in mids. Besides, you will find out that most of the short questions answers are also given in IOAs. So try to learn IOAs and try to store those IOA answers in your brain. Besides attending IOAs immediately after a class will clear your concept about a chapter.
    • Mids and Finals: Learn IOAs as it will carry 60% marks of your mids and finals. For short question, try to learn diagrams and practice those diagrams. You will have to draw 2/3 diagrams as short questions. You will also have to learn examples, advantages and disadvantages of specific topics. You will not find direct answers in his slides. You will need to understand the topics and make your own answers as most of the questions will be conceptual. And for broad questions you will need to learn processes and you also need to have practical knowledge. Besides you will get one broad question from lab topic. So broad questions are based on practical knowledge.
    • Group Assignments: The faculty will randomly assign at least 2 group members to your group. You will be able to choose two of your own group mates but you have to do so within the first week of a semester. You will have total 3 group assignments. Two of them will carry 5% marks and one will be final term project which will carry a significant (15%) mark. Try to work as a group- i.e. involve all member to participate in the group tasks. After finishing it (draft), get a review from the faculty during the office hours. Never copy another group's work as you will almost definitely get caught. Your reports should look formal (professional). Good English writing skills as well as expertise in the content is crucial.
    • You will have to make reports on online shops like Pickaboo and Daraz. You need to provide authentic information to get a good grade.
    • Presentation: 3 Group Assignments leads to 3 presentations. There is nothing to worry about presentation. Be confident and wear full formal dress. Your slides should contain all the topics (table of content) of the report. Maintain the sequence of topics while making the presentation slides.
    • Lab- 2 labs and one lab exam. Never miss a lab class. You will learn a lot of things in lab classes. On the basis of lab classes you will have to make lab reports and also need to make screen casting videos. Things will be very easy if you concentrate on the lab classes. Otherwise you have to learn from the faculty during his office hours. Go to him and learn.
    • Bonuses: You will get a lot of bonus marks throughout your whole semester. If you have 100% attendance then you will get 3% bonus. If you can answer critical questions correctly in class, you will get 1% bonus instantly. If you find any mistake of sir then you will be awarded with 1% bonus. besides there are few more bonuses like lab performance bonus, class response bonus etc.

    I was always efficient throughout my whole semester. I worked hard on group projects. I studied hard for mids and finals. I gave wonderful presentations. My lab performance was also remarkable. I got 1% bonus for being Fast & Furious in lab class. I got 3% bonus for full attendance. I got 2% bonus for answering two correct answers in the class. I got 1% bonus for finding out a mistake in his own website (course website). Besides, always behave professionally when you are in class and talking to the faculty. Never try to play games as the faculty is very clever. Do everything in a professional manner. I were able to do such things and now I am in his HALL OF FAME list. 

    I hope my writing will motivate and help everyone to get good grades. Best of luck everyone. Remember one thing, hard work always pays off.

  • Nur Alam

    This is how Nur Alam got an A- (MIS105 @ 2017 Summer) .

    Hello All,

    I am Nur Alam Shuvo and I did my MIS105 in the Summer of 2017 with Mr. Adeyl Khan. I would like to confirm that this class is more digitalize than others. The course is not too hard but requires you to maintain a schedule.

    Here are my tips to getting good grade:

    • After first class go to course website and read all FAQ to get a clear idea about the course.
    • Take IOA as early as possible with a good preparation. If you find a mistake in an IOA, email the faculty thorough email. The first three students will get 1% bonus for a correction (review the bonus policy).
    • 99% MCQ & T/F will come from IOA in mid & final.
    • Focus on bolded word in book for IOA & Midterms.
    • Practice sample questions before Midterms.
    • Be responsive in class.
    • I strongly suggest that read the book thoroughly and understand the whole concept.
    • Attend all classes. Remember you will receive 3% bonus for full attendance.
    • Be professional in class.
    • Submit  all lab report & GA up to date.
    • Try to get all bonuses.

    Lastly, I think this course will help you in the future as a professional. Don't get demotivated and never give up.

    Thank you. I hope you all have a wonderful semester. Feel free to call me anytime for any kind of help related to this course- 01849719314.

  • Marium Binte Islam

    This is how Marium Binte Islam got an A (MIS205 @ 2017 Summer) .

    MIS205 is a both practical and theoretical course. As sir mentions from the beginning of the class, one has to keep an allotted time to study this subject through the semester. Here are few tips from my experience:

    • IOAs: The IOAs are a great way to finish studying the slides beforehand as there is an IOA in every 2-3 lectures. And also the answers will be provided after you are done with the IOA, which will help you to prepare for the midterms.
    • Mideterms and Finals: I used to note down the mind-maps sir draws for every lecture, which helped me later on for midterms and final exam. I used to study the slides with mind-maps I noted in the classes and start solving the practice midterm questions a week before the exams.

    • For Group Assignments: These were a great way of learning this course practically. All my group members and I used to utilize the faculty's office hour to clarify our confusions about the group work. We started working on group works as soon as possible and have a follow-up to know if our way of progressing was fine.

    • The term project is pretty huge so one needs to make sure to start it offat least two weeks before it is due

    Hope this helps. If you need any kind of information, you can contact me through email mariumi05@gmail.com

  • Irteza Ahamed GalibImage

    This is how Irteza Ahamed Galib got an A- (MIS205 @ 2017 Summer) .

    Hello Everyone,

    To be honest it takes hard work and diligence to get a good grade in this course and if you follow some basic steps you can easily be on cloud 9. So before you embark on the road of learning, being prepared for the journey ahead is a good starting point. These are the few guidelines that I think is the backstage behind my success.

    • Make sure you are present in all the classes and also make notes of the lectures so that this can help you point down important portions of the chapter.
    • Invest adequate amount of time everyday on this course because this is not like any course for which the day before exam will be enough to cover the full syllabus
    • Go through the mid and final exam sample (provided in the website) before giving your exam, because this will help you to have an idea about your exam and always feel free to knock the office hours if you face any problem.
    • Apart from studying the slides also spend time reading the text book before sitting for the IOA’s, and give enough time to your GA’s and Term project so that you can finish early and provide a draft to the faculty to see which areas you need to correct and change .
    • Make sure you bring a laptop in your Lab classes to grab a bonus and also with the required software installed. Please note that you must pay 100% attention to your Lab classes otherwise you will be lost.
    • Checking your midterm copies so that you can have an idea about your weakness (areas where you should work more)
    • Have a clear understanding about the course website- how to use the FAQ and policies 

    So, don’t get de motivated if you do not get a good score in your first mid because the faculty gives you enough chances to grab a bonus and enough room to compensate the loss in your other exams and GA’s. And most importantly always try to have a mind map before you start your assignment and project.

    Thank you very much for making time to read this and apart from this if you have other queries please contact me through facebook i.e. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004291833236 or feel free to call me at 01960490121. Have a great  semester :)


  • Shahriar parvej

    This is how Shahriar Parvej got an A (MIS105 @ 2017 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am Shahriar Parvej and I did MIS105 at spring 17. I feel lucky and honored to do my MIS105 course with the faculty. You can find his some of the professional works mentioned here.

    • First of all, do not worry regarding what is world says about the course, or the faculty. I assure if you can maintain these easiest strategies, you are really fine enough for an “A”.
    • Another important part of this course is the IOAs. You can google answers, search the slides, read the book. The main benefit is that before the mid-terms, you will find that oh!! I know this topic. So, attend IOAs as carefully and spend time on it.
    • Make cheat sheet carefully. When you are making cheat sheet, you must emphasize diagram type of stuffs because in exam you will get many diagram question that for sure. Before exam just do not waste your all time making cheat sheet because you can not write whole things in cheat sheet.
    • Do the lab works and group assignments carefully. The faculty will say you things like  “game kelso” etc that is just because of he wants improving performance.
    • Always try to take all bonuses. If you can bring personal laptop in lab class you will get bonus. Attending all the classes you will get 3% bonus in final so do take this bonuses.

    If you can do this you are fine enough for getting an A. Do use office hours efficiently because the faculty is very helpful during office hours.

    Thank you. I hope you all have a wonderful semester. Feel free to contact me via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shahriar.parag.5 or please call me anytime for any kind of help related to this course- 01767179422