Tashdid Rahman

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How I got a good grade: 


I am Tashdid Rahman , I was lucky to be mentored by our revered faculty in the course MIS107 in the Spring 20 semester.

My formula for success was simple, and seemingly in plain sight, in the course outline. There is mentions of mark allocation of every aspect and activity constituting the course. For example, I tried to maintain all attendance (N.B - the fact that the faculty has a good sense of humor and liveliness about him definitely helps) for the marks there. And attended labs and acquire ‘bonus’ marks whenever possible.

The faculty will never unjustly surprise you with questions from things he has never taught, so keep an eye out for exam suggestions in class and study accordingly. Ideas and questions circumvent , so identify and discern the topics of importance when taught and try to relate. I’d suggest to maintain a good work ethic and act like a professional. Work according to what grade you desire and everything else in the world will conspire to ensure your goal a success.

Best of luck! If you might require any help , I’d be very happy to be of help, and can be reached on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tashdid316

Adline Arpa Rozario

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I am Adline Arpa Rozario and I have completed my MIS107 course with our honorable faculty member, Mr. Adeyl Khan, in the Spring, 2020. The whole journey has truly been an amazing one, especially with one of the best faculties as our instructor. Every individual has their own opinion about the course but I think it's quite easy if you follow the instructions religiously. 

Here are a few things I followed to get my desired grade, and I hope it helps you too.

Class Participation & Attendance: Due to the global pandemic, more than half of the semester was conducted through online classes, but regardless of the difficulties, I tried to attend every lecture. The online sessions were recorded which helped me cover-up for the parts I missed. I highly recommend attending all the lectures and participating in class by answering and asking questions. This is indeed a very important step if you want to get a good grade. Remember, you can also get a 3% bonus for having 100% attendance.

Course Website: Trust me, this will be your lifesaver and your key to getting good grades. Browse through the course website and get acquainted with the system at your earliest convenience. You'll find all the lecture slides, IOAs, assignments, course detail, and guidelines on the course website. This will help you clear out any confusion, guide you through your course and give you access to all the necessary resources needed.

IOAs & Sample Questions: The best way to prepare for quizzes and exams is to solve sample questions and do IOAs that are not graded. This will give you a better idea of the question pattern and better guidance towards what to emphasize on while studying.

Group Assignments:  Even though group assignments are optional, it's best to consider doing it as every bonus mark matters. Choose your group members wisely, this is very important. Moreover, midterm exams usually consist of a broad question that is based on the group assignment, hence, it's best to take the assignments seriously.

Lab Class:  Attend all the lab classes and try to bring your laptops as it will get you a bonus mark. Be attentive and follow through the instructions to complete your lab work effectively.

Exams: Let us be honest, most of us are procrastinators and studies last minute, but let me tell you, those days are over. As sad as it may sound, you need to break free of that habit if you want good grades. To study efficiently, stop memorizing and start grasping the concepts, this will help you a ton. Take notes during lectures and study them alongside slides. Once you've covered that up, solve sample questions. This is a must. Lastly, if you have time, read the coursebook and you're good to go.

These are the few things that helped me get my desired grade and I hope this will be helpful for you too. If you need any further help, feel free to contact me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007019116263

Muhtaseem Hassan

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How I got a good grade: 


This is Muhtaseem Hassan. I have completed Computer Information System (MIS107) course under the proactive and kind guidance of my respected course instructor Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring-2020 session. My experience with MIS107 was very interesting and pleasant. This course is well structured and easily-understandable to me. I would like to share some tips about the achievement of my grade are as follows:

  1. Attendance: Be present in every class, respond during the class, and be on time. It will keep you updated and will give you a better understanding of the contents. As you know that every class has some sequential continuation with the earlier class. So, if you miss a class or topics/contents, it might be difficult to understand the present topic of the class and repetition of these activities may divert your attention and interest gradually from that course. There are also bonus marks for full attendance!
  2. Group Assignments: It is very important to make your score healthy. But it is an accumulative effort of individual group members. So, you should be cautious about the selection of group members. The group members should have basic criteria: (a) Cooperative mindset (b) Good knowledge over the concepts, (c) Good research skills (d) Creativity and ability to follow guidelines provided by the course instructor. Try to give presentations for all the Group Assignments (GA) because it will provide you bonus marks. Contact the instructor beforehand to make an appointment for the presentations.
  3. IOAs: You might not have any earlier experience on IOA. But don’t be worried about it. If you have a good concept about the course, these exams are very easy for you. Make sure not to take part in both online and offline quizzes for the same chapters.
  4. Labs: Be present in every lab classes and bring your own laptop as it is required to improve your skill through hands on training along with the facilities to archive the knowledge with your own device (i.e. Laptop which you can keep it always with you) and it also adds some bonus marks in your final score. Listen and follow the instructions of the course instructor very attentively during the lab classes. If the concept is not clear about the topic during your lab work, feel free to seek the assistance from your course instructor. Submit the lab tasks on time.
  5. Mock tests: Solving the question papers from previous semesters is a good way to prepare for the exams. And again, bringing the solved mock test in class brings you bonus marks!
  6. Exams: Start studying from the very beginning of the course for the midterms and final; else it will be hard to take good preparation within a short time. Try to score a minimum 80% in all the exams.
  7. Bonus marks: Try to obtain all the bonus marks. Because it will help you a lot to get an excellent grade.

How I managed myself during this pandemic situation:

Firstly, it was really very difficult for me to overcome the psychological stress of staying at home for a long period of time. I have developed some ways to combat this stressful situation. (a) Though the physical activities have reduced significantly during this pandemic situation, I have started some freehand physical exercise to make me physically fit. (b) To reduce my mental stress, I have enjoyed some movies with my family members. (c) I had utilized the time which was saved from the journey period with high traffic during the normal situation.

How I managed the online classes, my studying pattern & assignment preparation:

(a) First, I ensured the internet connectivity for the uninterrupted online class. My home Wi-Fi connection is not very stable, so I have managed mobile phone hotspot data for uninterrupted online class.

(b) Though there is less scope to ask many questions in virtual classes, I always noted the point which was not clear then I used a chat box in the Google meet during the online classes and also I used Google and other search engines to have a clear understanding about the context.

(c) I watched the recorded version of an online lecture during my study time repeatedly. It was more helpful for me to understand the contents of the course effectively compared to physical class.

(d) First, I did some in-depth study about the contents of the assignment with the help of a textbook, lecture & lecture slides and internet. I always tried to follow the instructions from my course instructor about the format of the assignment. I tried to avoid plagiarism totally and always tried to write the assignment to the point within my own acquired knowledge.

The course instructor is very helpful and kind hearted. So don’t hesitate to approach him for any sort of help. All the best to all of you and hope you will enjoy participating in the course and end up with a grade you deserve.

Zahin Raiyan Nafi

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Everyone!

I am Zahin Raiyan Nafi and I took MIS 107 under Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020 semester and believe me, the experience was awe- inspiring! Being from a science background, it was really hard for me to cope up with all the business terms. However, I have to give all the credits to the amazing faculty as he was always keen to help me with my problems and he never turned me down. He has a great sense of humor and he tries to keep the class as entertaining as possible.

It's not like I could do this course with my eyes shut, I had to give a considerate amount of effort to achieve an adequate grade. Some of the lectures are easy to grasp and some take time, but with the support of Mr. Adeyl Khan and his lecture slides, the course was free and easy.

This semester was quite challenging as we had to do most of the classes online due to COVID-19 pandemic. Trust me, attending online classes requires a lot of self- motivation as you barely get the urge to study. However, the faculty always made the class interesting and intellectual which helped me to keep up with my studies. He effortlessly prepared slides and conducted the classes and helped everyone solve their course related problems.

This is how I mastered MIS 107.

Coure Website: Make sure you always check the website sir created. All course information, course related materials, slides, past papers and FAQs are available for everyone.

Group Assignments: Group work is really important as it enhances your communication skills. Moreover, make sure you choose hard working students for your group as your groupmate too are responsible for your grade. Make sure you do proper mind mapping before starting up with the project.

Lab: Some people get goosebumps when they get to know that they have to do labs. Trust me it is very easy. On top of that the faculty will guide you step by step and help you complete the lab assignment with ease. Make sure you complete the work given to you on time.

IOA: These are short quizzes. They are available on the course website. They are all multiple choice questions and True and False. Make sure you attend all of the IOAs.

Midterms and Finals: Midterms and finals were extremely easy. An important tip: Make sure you solve IOAs and past papers before sitting for the midterms and finals. Keep in touch with your textbook. Learn each concept with diagrams if you want to make your life easier. Practise the end of chapter questions from the textbook. The first segment of your question paper will be exactly from the IOA questions! For the other segments, make sure you solve the past papers as they are similar.

Overall Course: The course is overall very easy. It may seem overwhelming at first, but in time, you will get the hang of it. Sometimes the faculty can be a little strict with you, but don't be upset with that. It may seem like he is always keeping you under pressure but trust me! It's for your own good! It's our human nature that we tend to work under pressure. He only does for your betterment and you have to understand that. 

Bonuses: Just when life couldn't get easier, the course offer allocates bonuses for your extra effort! Moreover, if you have full attendance, you get an extra 3% bonus! On top of that make sure you try for the bonuses in GAs, IOAs and Lab assignments.

Do you want a good knowledge regarding the course and satisfactory grades in MIS? Then Mr. Adeyl Khan (Ayn) is the best! You just need to be attentive and responsive and follow his instructions carefully and give a bit of effort from your side. You will without a doubt acquire satisfactory grades. 

If you face any problems, feel free to knock me up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zahin.raiyan.315

I hope you all will enjoy the course with Mr. Adeyl Khan and get amazing grades. Wishing you all the very best!!

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K.M. Shaerul Abedin Shaer

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello there!

This is K. M. Shaerul Abedin.

I had the luckiest opportunity to do Computer Information System (MIS107) with Mr. Adeyl Khan during the spring'20 semester. I said lucky because my background is different, as I am training to be a biochemist and information systems is something which is not a very familiar topic for me. But under our faculty's  guidance, I learned some amazing facts about how modern day business operates in the real world. 

I won't write about how you should study - this is something which is completely in your comfort zone. Here, I will try my best to provide you with some tips and tricks that can fuel your study approach. 

First things first, bonuses! Yes, the course offers a hefty amount of opportunities. and it's simple actually. I won’t say what those are, you have to listen carefully to grab those extra juice!

Next up, online quizzes or IOAs. Half of the midterm marks straight up comes from those online quizzes. Please please please do not miss it.

Then, midterms. Will you believe it if i say it is the easiest part of the course? Just solve the old midterm questions which are already provided in the website, and see for yourself!

And then there is lab work and group assignments. Some of them are optional (which screams for bonus!) fun, right? Pro tip: please be serious with your graded group work.

Lastly, attending all the classes will bring you a nice and easy bonus of 3 marks. Rejoice!

The study part is all you, but these tips will definitely boost your course work. If you are looking for an A, then I don't need to tell you the importance of reading the book! search google and you will find free pdf. Also, do not feel hesitant to search any information through google, it helped me a lot to strengthen my understanding.

Now I must tell you, the last half of my MIS107 journey was pretty bumpy because of covid-19 situation and all. The online classes were not initially very familiar but we got a hold of it. There were class recordings which helped me a lot, especially in online lab sessions. Our final assessment was a written assignment, but it will not matter if you sit for your assessment physically or virtually, as long as your answer is precise and to the point. 

I had a fun and amazing ride with our faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in this course. I hope you feel the same! Wish you all the very best!!