Md. Abdul Kyoom Fahim

Md. Abdul Kyoom Fahim
How I got a good grade: 

 First of all, thanks to Allah for ensuring that I could execute all my plans. To get a good grade with this faculty, it is very important to be very regular and punctual. And always check the website, news and Assignment, IOA, LAB. Check the due date of Assignment, IOA, LAB, Term project as the quizzes are online you don't need to study a lot. For exams you need to study. Cheat sheet is the secret to do well in the exams.

  • IOA: Always check the website, attend all the IOAs before due date. When giving an IOA Study text book and follow lecture slides or searching Google.
  • Exam preparation: IOA's are really helpful because they are good source for Midterm exam preparation. To do well in this it is vital to study book thoroughly. And see also lecture slides.
    Assignment: To do good in assignments have to understand what is expected by teacher and how it will be explained the best way. It also requires a student to follow teacher given instruction to do assignment and send them as well.
  • Term project: Well in project it is important to understand what topic is chosen and how fluently a student can express knowledge of it to other fellow students and respected faculty. But beware don't copy paste anything because it is an act of plagiarism. Work on your content and project it the best way possible.
  • LAB: mis105 and mis205 both courses lab are very important. So learn and submitted the lab assignment before due date. And always attends all the workshops that help learning labs very well.
  • Class attendances: class attendances is very important all the courses .if a student attends all the classes and attends all the course activities, that student have got 3percent bonus.

At any time, I would love to help any student regarding anything about the course, so feel free to contact me at my number 01676102765.
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