Fazilatun Nisa Sayed

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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum everyone. This is Fazilatun Nisa Sayed. I did MIS 207 (Ebusiness) under the kind guidance of Mr. Adeyl in Fall-2019. My experience with MIS105 was not very pleasant. Hence I was pretty scared of the MIS207. But the course helped me to have a good knowledge and sense of application from this course. This course is well structured and so following certain ways makes it easy to earn a good grade. Things to take care of to earn a good grade are-

  1. Attendance: Be present in every class, respond during the class, and be on time. It will keep you updated and will give you a better understanding of the contents. Last but not the least, there is a bonus for full attendance! 
  2. Group Assignments: Things to do well in this section are- a careful selection of group members, a good knowledge over the concepts, good research skills, creativity, and ability to follow guidelines provided by sir. Try to give presentations for all the GAs, it will add more to your scores. Contact the instructor beforehand to make an appointment for the presentations. 
  3. IOAs: Attempt all the IOAs to get a good grade and to have a better preparation for midterms and final. Make sure not to take part in both online and offline quizzes for the same chapters. 
  4. Labs: Be present in every lab session and bring your own laptop as it results in bonuses. Submit the lab tasks on time.
  5. Mock tests: Solving the question papers from previous semesters is a good way to prepare for the exams. And again, bringing the solved mock test brings you a bonus point! 
  6. Exams: Start studying earlier for the midterms and final; else it will be hard to take the most preparation. Try to score minimum 70% in all the exams.

Most importantly, try to grab all the bonus opportunities sir provides you. To keep updates for the bonuses, be regular in class, communicate with group members and CR, and visit the course website regularly. 

And lastly, if you initially can’t cope up and start feeling like you can’t make it, keep these words of the the instructor in mind, “your trying is what matters, so keep on trying”. The instructor is more helpful and kind than some students might think. So don’t hesitate to approach him for any sort of help. And if you need further information, feel free to knock me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/fazilatunnisa.srity.3 

Good Luck for a nice course journey! 

Mehnaz Naina

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How I got a good grade: 

Greetings everyone,

This is Mehnaz Younus Naina. I consider myself very fortunate as I did MIS207 (Ebusiness) with one of the best faculties I have ever had, Mr. Adeyl Khan during Fall 2019 semester. It was truly an amazing journey.

This course is designed in an easy way and you all will be able to achieve an A or a good grade if you follow the policies. Here are some tactics I would like to suggest to you to obtain your desired grade.

  • Class attendance and participation- Try to be at class five minutes before the class starts. Try to attend the classes regularly and concentrate on lectures. Note down the diagrams and the things discussed. Show your energy in a positive way and try to participate as much as you can. Remember you get 3% bonus on full attendance.
  • Course website- Try to browse daily through the course website because it really helps. You will get many contents related to this course. The course website keeps you updated about the date of every assignment, quiz, midterms, labs etc. Also, you get the slides, assignment details and lab details. You MUST check the website routinely.
  • IOAs- Try to give all the online quizzes even if some are optional. It will really help you to broaden your knowledge for further exams. According to me IOA is the most imperative part since most MCQs and True/False questions come from IOAs and if you the students complete all the IOAs then it will be very easy for you all to get an A.
  • Group Assignment (GA) & Term Project - In this course, GA is very important. Always choose your members wisely and carefully. Try to make your GA creative and put more effort on research. You will have two GAs and try to submit it on time in Google classroom. Presentation on GA will probably be optional but I would suggest you to go for all the presentations cause you will be getting a bonus on that. The term project will be huge but no need to worry cause if you face any problem you can visit the faculty at his office hours to get a clear idea.
  • Exams- Never try to study one day before the exam as it will not help you get your desired grade. You need to go through the slides thoroughly and you MUST practice mock papers (previous question paper). It will give you an idea about the question pattern. Also you get bonus on practicing the mock paper. For extra information read the book or you might go for research if you don’t understand the slides. For broad questions you must attend the LAB class and do the GA.
  • Lab class- Don’t miss the lab classes cause you get to learn a lot and most importantly there is a final lab for which you must attend the lab class. Try to bring your own laptops in lab class as it carries a bonus. If you fail to understand the things done in lab class ask help from the faculty or the CR after a class for a video link from which you can learn by yourself. As for Broad questions – you need to understand that the two questions come from lab and GA.
  • Bonus- Try to GRAB all the opportunities from which you can achieve bonus.
  • Submit all Report and PPT slides for GA & term project and all Lab report on time.
  • Use the office hours properly if you need any specific help from the faculty. For petty issues you can contact the CR.

These are the things I have during my semester and these tactics were good enough for me to get my desired grade. I would like to say Mr. Adeyl is a wonderful faculty who cheers your mood while conducting the class and encourages his students to do better in their lives and helps the students to recognize their potential.

I hope the tactics I have shared with you all help you achieve your desired grade. All the best to you all and hope you enjoy doing the course and end up with a grade you deserve.

For any further assistance or queries, feel free to knock me on Facebook. Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/mehnaz.naina.9

Md. Tarikul Islam Sakib

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How I got a good grade: 

Greeting Everyone,

I am Tarikul Islam Sakib. It has truly been a wonderful journey to be guided by Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Fall 2019 semester. The course is designed to make it easier for the students. And also, easy to get A only if you only follow the policies. Check out his website from google before attending. To keep focus on activities. Trust me that will help a lot. Here are some suggestions that may follow.

  • Class: Attend all of the classes and always be on time. Always concentrate on the lecture. Note down the mind maps/ diagrams.
  • Attendance and Participation: Try to maintain full attendance and participate as much as possible. Remember you will receive 3% bonus for full attendance. Answer the sudden questions even when you think you might be wrong. Just share what you think about the subject and if you are incorrect.
  • Course Website: Always Check out his website from google before attending. All the updates are posted in the website and besides, you will get all the slides, IOAs, assignment details, lab details etc in it. So, keeping up with the website is a must.
  • Group Assignment: It is very important to choose the team mates carefully. Try to keep a constant communication with your teammates and see how much work is done. Try to have a clear idea about the task at hand. If you face any problem you can always ask for support.
  • Exams: Exams are quite easy. Please, study the sample questions from previous semesters from the website. Be objective and you will surely get good marks. Also, the IOA, all the MCQ will be from the IOA so do those even if they are all optional.100% MCQ & T/F will come from IOA in mid & final. Lastly, don’t miss the review class before exam where he will discuss about some short questions and most importantly the broad question.
  • IOAs: Even if most/all of them become optional do not miss them for the above reasons. They do not take much time. Also try to do them as they arrive, that way if there is any wrong answer you can notify the faculty about it and get a bonus.
  • Bonus: there are several ways to get bonus in this course. Keep an eye out for them and try to get as many as you can.
  • Submit all lab report & GA up to date.

I hope that my tips help you achieve your desired grades and inspire you to be a part of “The Hall of Fame” too. For further assistance, you can freely knock me on Facebook. I will do my level best to help you. Good luck! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarikul.sakib13

Abdullah Sajib

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Md. Wakin Mollah

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