Who is a class representative?

A Class Representative (CR) act as a prime official channel of communication between teacher and rest of the class. It is a leadership role- a special privilege and honor. It prepares students as future leaders. CRs are not entitled to any special bonus. They are entitled to a good meal.

Who can be a CR?

The major attributes of a CR include

  • CGPA 3+
  • Professional, positive, and cordial outlook
  • Well disciplined, responsible, and understanding
  • Humble- Good rapport with all students
  • Good academic standing
  • 90%+ attendance, timely assignments, efforts for bonus
  • Understand and follow course processes and policies well

What are the duties of a CR?

  • Regularly attend the class and be on time
  • Do all optional/bonus assignments
  • Communicate and improve student performance
    • Connect with the students over Facebook, Phone Call and in person
    • Make announcements (by email/Fb) to students on tutorials, submissions, and the similar
    • Report/discuss/recommend modification in class-processes
    • Maintain noise during class
  • Manage Irregularities- Communicate will the class in any form of irregularity
    • When a teacher is late or absent
    • Assignment is unclear
    • Resolve disputes among group members, explain simpler issues (e.g. attendance status, course policies, marks).
  • Ensuring that the duster is in place and the room is in order before the class. Rub off the writing on the whiteboard after class. 
  • Ensure that your profile is unlocked such that new students and better access and get to know you.

3 offenses will remove a class monitor and a new one will be appointed.