What is a workshop?

Within the context of this course, workshops are events where the faculty will provide you information on how to perform certain activity/activities. The activity is specified in the workshop announcement document.

Should I attend a workshop?

If you understand the topic of the workshop you do not need to attend it. If you do not attend the topics, you need to attend it.

Are there attendance marks?

Workshop attendance is voluntary and based on your needs. There is no attendance marks.

However attendance will be taken and can/will be used against you if you fail to do an activity for which there was a workshop. This will count as a negligence on your part.

I have a conflict and/or other engagement that will prohibit me to attend the workshop. What can I do?

If you cannot attend a workshop that you could do the following

  • get a classmate/friend to attend the workshop and help you on the activity/activities
  • get help from a knowledgeable classmate/friend who understands the activity/activities well
  • get help doing online search using Wikipedia and/or Google search on the activity/activities