Getting a better grade [Duplicate]

Study the IOAs, slides, textbook(s)

  • Read topics multiple time,
    • Pay special attention on "Bold" terms
    • Find examples of topic
    • Questions at the end of the textbook
    • Understand the terms used- particularly the highlighter ones.
  • Prepare cheat-sheet as you study
  • Find relations among various topics and subtopics

Go through the questions available in the textbook's web resource

During the exam

  • Read questions until you understand them. Ask if you do not understand a question
  • Consider Time management, and revision time
  • Read questions critically and be objective as you answer

1 day before exam

  • Rest well, do a revision

3 days before exam:

  • Create a list of complex issues & solve them with
    • Internet research
    • Group study
    • Instructor
    • Do a mock test.

If applicable, consider

  • Increase your English vocabulary
  • Practice MCQs from CD/ Textbook website
  • Emphasize on Exam Tickets in slides