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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

This is Abdul Wazed Chowdhury Siam. I have done the course MIS207 (EBusiness) with one of the finest faculty of the Department of Management, Mr. Adeyl Khan, during the Summer 2020 semester. This has been an extraordinary and comparatively tough semester for all of us (due to the pandemic) and I must say I am very lucky for being able to complete the course MIS207 and obtain an A under the earnest guidance of the faculty.

The semester has been quite hectic for starting with online classes for the whole semester due to COVID-19 pandemic. But whether it is an on-campus or online academic process, I would say the key constant for attaining good grades is discipline and consistency. The course might seem tough and confusing at first, but attending classes regularly and concentrating in class instructions will eventually clear all the doubts and pave the way to success. Here are some suggestions from me that might help you to obtain your desired grades-

Bonus Tasks: Gripping the opportunities to obtain bonus marks are more important than you may think. Utilizing every chance to get bonus marks leads to an increased total percentage of grades and thus increase the chances of ending up with a good grade.

Class Participation: Staying present and active in online classes is extremely important. The topics of a lecture cannot be clearly understood without attending and concentrating in class. Also responding to class questions, and following examples mentioned in class helped me to understand assigned topics and assignments better. Moreover, clearing any relevant and topic-oriented doubt is easiest through active participation in class discussions.

Communication: Communicating and reaching for assistance for any course related confusions is critical for success. The faculty was cooperative in such cases when we (group) reached for suggestions and clarification both during office hours and through mails. We found the faculty responsive. The class representatives have been the most cooperative and supportive towards us.

Consistency: Consistency in study is very important. Procrastinating and pilling tasks, assignments and topics to complete later brings no good. Starting working on tasks right before the deadline increases stress and decreases the quality of the task, whether it is assignment or exam. I maintained preparing and following a routine for completing daily study and tasks for MIS as well as for other courses. That really helped me to keep the balance and to never miss the deadlines.

Course Website: Every information and document needed for proceeding with the course are provided in the course website. Course related information and updates are organized and easy to find in the website. You must not forget to check the course website for updates, notices and other necessary elements regularly. When in need of anything related to the course, search it on the website first, take a glance in the FAQ section when you feel lost.

Group Assignments: Group works contain a significant portion of total marks, so paying attention to this is must. Try to accomplish optional ones as well for obtaining bonus thus better grades. With my issues regarding GA structure and topics, I contacted the faculty for help during an office hour and the faculty explained and omitted confusion kindly. That helped me a lot so I’ll suggest trying the same for other students too.

At the end, what matters the most is relishing the course and the topics taught in this course. Keeping the spirit up, mind open for learning and concentration sharp are the keys of cherishment. Finally, I hope this course and my suggestions will help to evolve you for the better.