Abdullah Talha
How I got a good grade: 

Dear Respected Faculties, Fellow Mates, and all who walks life. I would like to begin with a simpleton note; our creator has made particular things easy for us. For some, making money it easy, for others sports are easy, and other people doesn’t have easy time understanding technology even if they are going to get a critical reception in his or her PhD paper. Our ability, skills and attitudes are particular to some specific skill sets, which are unique to one another. Isaac Newton was a lousy student but, he broke through many laws and mystery of the world like never before.

I would share how I got an A, but after a striving semester, with all your sweat dripping on your book, all your nights reading course materials, the probability of getting an A is slim, but you must try your best, to know your limits, to live in the edge without falling, you must follow my instructions:
1) Ability in English is a big factor in getting an A, in NSU although it is not a must.
2) You should have a open mindfulness. Without it, you will not absorb, you will be finding arguments and logic, where you will lose the ability to learn quickly and efficiently. Learn to let go of your ego, and absorb the teachings of the course. Teacher is not the only learning source, you have your friends, and yes, you have you.
3) Studying Pattern: We all know that faculty nowadays will not read of the books. The presentation will not have all the materials of the book nor the course. The faculty will explain the difficult and important parts only leaving you with obvious aspect to read from the book. So Pay Attention to the class, come early, ask questions if you do not understand and verify your ideas and notions with the faculty. Again, you have to read the book thoroughly and without falter. It is better if you review the chapter by reading the book after each class. Pay Attention to the presentation and understand the IOAs to prepare for Mids and Finals. Before examination, take 3 days to read each of the chapter each day, and revising it with friends. And do not forget to revise the sample exam which can be found in the website from previous exams
4) IOAs are one of the fundamental indicators by the faculty to give you the hint on examination style and pattern, learn them well. Print them out later from the designated page on the website to read it later. When you are stuck, and you know you cannot get it into your head, our faculty gives are the luxury to make a CHEAT SHEET (However I only used the CHEAT SHEET once, only because it was mandatory for MIDS and EXAMS), teacher allows this because the exam is abstruse .
5) Term paper, assignments and lab, these are the building blocks to the world of technology and computing. The lab will give you the practical knowledge on how database management works, and how to use spreadsheets to generate advance calculation. Please, Please, Please, practice them at home, because they carry marks nevertheless. In terms of assignments and term paper, for most reasons, it will not be the same as other courses. It will be more practical, and it will be based on and off course materials. This will allow you to think nobly and critically. Your creativity will jab your brain, overloading it with new ways of thinking and implementing. Please, Please, Please, organize yourself and your team, and work collectively, create synergy, motive together to publish a masterpiece by yourself, by your team. Public Speaking in a great tool in this course, and in your life, unless you are a mute to do so, know you are special in some other way. But for the people who has the ability to speak, please note, that you are not only presenting yourself, and the content, you are representing the team, and your idea.

Hopeful that this will help you succeed.