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How I got a good grade: 

Ahoy, NSUers!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. This is Afiat Maishah and I had an amazing completing my MIS207 (Ebusiness) course under Mr. Adeyl Khan.

Mr. Khan has been very helpful during the course. The entire course was held online and as you can image the challenge of maintaining a steady internet was huge. However, our instructor was very sincere in terms of uploading all the class recordings on time. This way, if you missed the class could still catch up rather easily. He has a unique style of teaching where he keeps the class entertained and alive with witty examples.

The key to scoring well in the course is to pay attention to all the lectures. Also, our teacher is very generous in terms of giving bonuses, so grab them as much as you can. Submit all your assignments and exam papers on due time and you will be able to score a good grade.

I wish you all a great semester. Good Luck!