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How I got a good grade: 
Hello everyone,
I am Ahnaf Jawad Ahmed. I did MIS207 with  in the Spring’20 semester and received an A- . I will be sharing my experience with you guys so that you will have a guideline as to how you can get your desired grade.
Managing the Pandemic- The Covid-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise and threw us in uncertainty. However, the key to maintaining a good mental health is to maintain a daily routine and perform all activities accordingly. We can do light physical exercise, meditate, or engage in a new hobby to keep ourselves busy.
  • Handling other courses- No great achievement comes in a day. We have to form a daily routine and allocate sufficient time for each course. A little study everyday reduces the stress before the exam night.
  • Attendance- Please attend all the lectures as there is a bonus for full attendance. Moreover, attending these lectures will help you get a good grasp of the subject.
  • Exams- In sir’s website you will see sample questions. Solving them will help you prepare well.
  • IOA- Please participate in all the IOAs even the extras as these questions will be common in mid, but also help you understand the chapter.
  • Group Project- Select your group members carefully and don’t plagiarise. 
  • Labs- Please attend all the labs sessions as they will help you get a practical knowledge.
  • Bonus- I can’t stress enough how important bonuses are. Please go through the course website carefully and don’t let go of any opportunities to get a bonus. They will definitely bump your grade.
Lastly the faculty will help you but you have to give a similar effort. If you need help I would be happy to guide you. My number is 019 7501 04 one five.

I would like very much to help you study for the course and feel free to contact me on Facebook.