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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing great. I am Ahsan Habib. I have done the course MIS107 (Computer Information System)) in the Fall semester 2020 under our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. He is an awesome faculty and made the class entertaining. 

When I first started this course, I was not confident myself whether I was going to do well. I felt a bit scared as there were a lot of new topics. As I went through this course over the time period, everything got clear. The mind maps and the lecture videos were really helpful. 

One of the main tricks of getting a good grade is to do consistently well in quizzes. Thankfully the class recordings were available and for that reason my concepts were clearer. I was also able to prepare well for my lab exams using those videos. 

I grabbed every single bonus opportunity. Moreover, I was regular in class, and followed the simple instructions. This is why I didn’t need to take the pressure before exam night. For the midterms and finals I solved the sample questions given in the course website and I did not panic at all. I studied technically rather than taking the pressure. 

Though the course was taken online, I still managed to overcome this challenge. I ensured a good internet connection because I always had backup mobile data and received a good service from my ISP.

Finally, my advice would be to be on track. Participate in class and try your level best to maintain 100% attendance. Be organized with your resources. You just have to be focused throughout the course. Do not lose hope at the beginning of the course, as you might think the course is complicated. Trust me it is not that difficult, if you just concentrate. 

If you need any advice regarding the course, you can reach me via this link