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How I got a good grade: 


I am Shaharier, and I completed my MIS207 (E-Business) course in Summer 2021, with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my instructor.

It was an online course. We are already quite used to online classes and aware of the most common problems we may face. A mindset to listen and learn in every class will smoothen the journey. So, do not miss a class under any circumstances. 

  • To get clear ideas and grasp key concepts, go through the lecture videos (YouTube) and mindmaps. Particularly before classes and exams.
  • Don't plagiarize at all, be it assignments or projects. 
  • Participate in all kinds of bonuses- quizzes, labs.
  • Use the course website when you are in doubt. 
  • Most importantly, solve the previous semester's question, and you know where to search for the answers:) 

This is how you will end up a good grades Insha'allah. Thank you and Good luck, everyone.