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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum everyone.

This is Anisha Hassan. The course  and the entire semester was a very pleasant experience for me. This is because even though I was not very comfortable with the Management Information System, the course information was posted in detail in the course website. The assignment, and everything else fell into place and I found it easy to keep up with.

Regardless of how tough it might seem in the beginning, it is anything but once you start to pay attention to class and the course website.

The course focused on e-commerce and all its dimensions, which is something of high importance in this digital age, and knowledge every person needs to have. The course load is finely divided throughout the semester in numerous assignments, which make it a lot simpler to complete. If you want to receive an A in this course, then this following guideline might be of help:

IOAs: Do not miss any of the IOAs. Keep up with them because completing these will not only ensure you do well here, but will also guarantee full marks in the MCQ/TF section of the midterms.

Labs: Before the exam make sure to practice a few times on your computer by sample videos or YouTube, and you’ll definitely score full here.

Sample Questions: Even though sample questions will not be repeated, practicing them gives you a clear idea of what kind of questions to expect and the answers expected. To ensure full marks in the short and broad questions, practice everything from every sample paper you get, you will not regret the time spent here.

Read the book: Class notes and slides are great, but if you truly want to understand the concepts, the slides by itself will not do justice. And this is especially helpful in answering broad questions which is one of the trickiest parts in the exams since it tests your understanding skills instead of memorizing.

Group Projects: There will be a few, and all of equal importance. Start early and give presentations will all. Be very detailed with all explanations, on both the report and slides.

Bonus: There are a lot of chances for you to pick up your grade using the bonuses, be it full attendance or extra presentations. All bonus details can be found on the website. Whatever it is, participate to make sure you get it, even if it is only 1 point. It makes all the difference.

If you require further help from my side, I am always available on my facebook here: