Ankita Barua Chowdhury
How I got a good grade: 

Hello there! If you spared some time out of your busy schedule to read my
paragraph, I, Ankita Barua Chowdhury, cannot thank you enough. When I first took
the course, I had heard all dreadful things about the course being very critical
and how hard it is to ensure a good grade in it. Honestly, in the first few
classes I was clueless about the lectures. So if you are facing trouble in the
first few classes, don’t lose hope. Here are a few tips and tricks that I
followed that might come to use-

  • Don’t miss any classes! Even if you do, make sure you have valid reason
    and submit application for it.
  • Join the Facebook group and keep a check at the updates regularly.
  • Try to participate in class, especially when a question pops up in your
    head regarding the topic. Sir gives enough chances to ask questions and if
    your question is logical, you might end up with bonus points like me.
  • Concentrate on the topics covered in class, especially the math.
  • If possible study in groups before exams, it helps a lot with confusions
    and makes you remember better.
  • Put extra emphasis on charts and diagrams, I always noted them down in
    my cheat sheets.
  • Make your cheat sheets while studying, it helped me remember the topics
    very well and where I’ve written it down.
  • Study well for the IOAs and revise them before exams, they carry a lot
    of marks.
  • Go through the guidelines of term projects and group assignments and if
    you have confusions, ask Sir or his TA, they are very helpful. We showed sir
    our progress of work before the submission dates to guide us and show our
    errors, and he helped us to get on track.
  • Sir gives a lot of chances to earn bonus points, grab them!
  • Check the midterm papers and see where your faults are, make sure you
    don’t repeat them next time.
  • The course is very well structured with clear guidelines, so make sure
    you follow them. You get almost all your queries cleared from the website

What I learned from this course is that it’s not only hard work that makes
you succeed, you also need to have a clear idea of what you are doing. And as
they say, if plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 more alphabets to try on!

All the very best, may the odds be in your favor …