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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone

My name is Ashimur Rahman. I have completed the MIS107 course with one of the best faculties, Mr. Adeyl Khan in spring, 2020. The course helped me to have a good knowledge and sense of application from this course. It was truly an amazing journey. Here comes some tactics I suggest. 

Online Class: 

For the pandemic situation, we are doing the online class. It is the new version of education. But do not worry about it. The is quite good and very helpful. But you have to attend all of the classes and always be on time and try to participate as much as possible. I mention that you will receive 3% bonus for full attendance. 

Course Website: 

Course website is one of most important things in this course. You can find all the updates on this course and also you will get slides, IOAs, assignment details, previous questions and so on. 

Group Assignment: 

In this course, Group Assignment (GA) is very important. You have to choose your members wisely and carefully. You will get two GA. So, you should try to make your GA creative and submit it on the time. 


Exams are quite easy but never try to study one day before the exam. Otherwise you will not get your desire mark. For the exam, you have to practice previous questions and you will get these questions in the website. 


It is the most interesting things in this course. So, try to get as many as you can.

In conclusion, if you follow the lectures and make use of website and materials, you will get your desire grade. One thing, I have to mention it again that try to get all the bonus. I find Mr. Khan an amazing faculty and he always encourages you to get a better grade. Lastly, there will be many people who will try to demotivate you for dropping this course .But make sure you believe in yourself and give you best .Best of luck to you all, hope you enjoy this course. 

Feel free to contact me via Facebook - Or call me anytime for any kind of help related to this course - 01911981805