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How I got a good grade: 

Good day everyone,

I did the MIS207 course under Mr. Adeyl Khan. To be honest before doing his class I was skeptical and even thought of dropping the course but Alhamdulliah got an A at the end of the semester. I appreciated the help and effort provided by the faculty. Here are my takes

  • The things that helped me to achieve a good grade were the lecture videos which we received before the class.
  • The Class Participation points method prepared me for the exams and assignments. 
  • Slides and lecture videos are more than enough to get a good grade if a person understands the concept.
  • I would advise everyone to participate in every bonus activity and to get as much as possible marks in them.
  • I get that electricity can be a challenge when attending any courses so I would suggest everyone to use a laptop and to always keep data on your phone. 
  • Oh one more thing try to get into a good group.

Hope you have a nice day. I would like to help anyone with anything regarding Mis207 so feel free to contact me at