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How I got a good grade: 


I am Md. Ashraf Hossain and I completed the "E-business" course in Fall 2021 with Mr. Adeyl Khan. He is always ready to help and guide his students. You have to ensure a stable internet connection, a laptop, and mobile data for backup.

There are several critical factors to achieving a good grade.

1) When in confusion, go to the course website

2) Install all the required software beforehand to avoid any hassle during lab time.

3) Please watch the lecture videos before the class. After that, the class will be more sensible to you.

4) Attain the bonuses- Solve the question banks before quizzes.

5) Follow the mindmaps and slides for the midterm and the final exam

6) Mindmap beforehand for project purposes. It is not difficult to get a grip on this software.

These helped me ace this course, and I found doing them relatively easy. And last but not least, do not miss any attendance.