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How I got a good grade: 

My secret behind obtaining an “A” in this course is the study pattern and the preparation I made. The study pattern was very helpful to get a good result.

Focus on the IOAs- There was no quiz except for IOA. I attended all the IOAs within the time period. It helped me to get good points in Mid term and Finals also. Because 90%+ MCQ was from IOA. So if anyone can memorize all the IOA mcq , he/she can easily answer all the MCQs in final.

Use cheat-sheet and do mock test- For theory part in Mid and Final, there is a great opportunity. We could use cheat-sheet in exam hall. We could use useful diagrams and differences from the cheat-sheet.So Prepare your cheat-sheet well. Solving questions from previous year (mock test) also helped a lot to get 4/6 short question common in the exam.

Attendance bonus- As for assignment I had to work really hard to fulfill all the requirements and contents. So I got full marks in this side. I also attended all the classes. It not only helped me to understand all the lectures, but also helped me to obtain a 3% bonus marks for full attendance. As I had to submit all lab assignments in Google classroom with screening, I had to be attentive in those classes.

· The students must check the course website regularly for all kind of group assignment, lab submission and other important notices and due dates,specially the FAQ section to get all the info about report, lab assignment submission rules . And I tried to get all the bonus marks to intensify my grade.

· Last but not the least, in my busy schedule I managed to get a good grade because the faculty was helpful. I always contacted him at the office hour to solve my problems which I couldn’t solve by myself. He is a good hearted person who made all easier for me.

I would like very much to help you studying for the course and feel free to call me at my number 01772569653