Dipanyta Datta
How I got a good grade: 

Hi! People!! I am Dipanyta Datta. I have a favorite quote; that is “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ? Mahatma Gandhi. I really believe this line. There is no value of studying if you don’t learn this by heart. While I was doing my MGT314 course I felt it more. MGT314 is a very important course for BBA students as it describes operation management. You are going to need this knowledge till the end of your professional life. MGT314 was little critical as it involves some statistical and mathematical terms but attending classes crumbled it into a easy one. Here are my suggestions to survive this easily-

  1. For STUDY MATERIAL you MUST have to go through the assigned book. Slides can help you to follow the topics discussed in the class but for better knowledge you must read books. Learn all the diagrams, equations and their use, as they are important for exams. DO NOT leave studies for the night before the exam. If you do so unless you have super power, you are going to fail.  Some slides are marked as EXAM, read them more properly.
  2. IOA is very important for this course. Sir gives most MCQ from IOAs. Before attending IOAs you MUST read the chapter from the book, not the slides. This is going to help you later too.
  3. In my semester we had been assigned one group assignment and term project. Sir will provide outlines for both group assignments and term project. Follow that strictly. You have to use some software. Sir is really helpful to teach you the use of that software. You must have proper knowledge on what you are doing and related information on term project. Group co-ordination is also important. Sir values individual efforts too.
  4. I have told about some of exam preparations. One thing is MUST in the hall- CHEAT SHEET. Make sure you are taking one A4 size paper’s one side as a cheat sheet. Try to write down all mathematical equations. Use fonts as small as possible. Write down some theory if you find them tough or have a chance to forget. Generally sir does conceptual questions. Go through all IOAs and math that are mentioned in the slides.
  5. Sir gives a lot of opportunity to earn bonus. GRAB IT. Attend all the classes. Do participate in class. About class attitude don’t be too informal. Be yourself. Sir gives examples. Try to note it down as you may get question in the exam or IOAs. Check website for all types of notice and directions related to course.

That was all about my part. Wish you a great semester!!!