Fahmida Iffat Eva
How I got a good grade: 

I achieved this grade while doing a double study load. That is I drove simultaneously for having an “A” and to learn unlimited by the nature of literal and managerial. I enjoyed the course very much.

If you want to have an “A”, I would like to request to follow the ways:

  • 1. Attendance is mostly appreciable for this course, but attentively doing the class and participate in the classes is also important for getting bonus.
  • 2. Write your class notes in a way where you can test your retention and understanding. Many people write notes that do a great job summarizing their materials but their notes are not designed to promote learning, retention or diagnosis of their weaknesses.
  • 3. Check the website regularly for any kind of update. Take part in all IOAs to evaluate you and take a print of it to read it again and again for mid-terms and final exam.
  • 4. Use cheat sheet for mid-terms and Final and remember do not fold your cheat sheet. Because, cheat sheet is allow for all mid-terms and final, if anybody folding the cheat sheet your cheat sheet will be cancelled and prepare that at your earliest period to avoid the last night before exam.
  • 5. Practice math’s from the text book, Read out the policy’s given in the website, which helps me a lot to understand what to do. Don’t think about to go for a make-up exam, it is always better to attend the exam on a given schedule, do the due.
  • 6. In terms of assignments and term paper, please organize yourself and team, and must work collectively for the teamwork.

To sum up

  • Time management is a key – prepare yourself to attend all the classes on time, read once on the day at home, don’t put off for next time and calculate your exam time as per question pattern at exam hall instantly.
  • Read, Read and Read – From the very beginning of the course, study as hard as you can. And I thought this meant putting in as many studying hours as possible.
  • Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths – If you make a mistake on a question, it is because of a weakness within you. If you do not address that weakness it will follow you to the exam.

Hard works never fail, obey the rules, you will be the next sharing the experience having an “A”.

Good Luck.