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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone, 

I am Fardin Kaiser Rudro. I have done my MIS 107 course with our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in summer semester 2020. I felt lucky to have a mentor like him. He is a very joyful person and i found the teaching method is clear and easy. 

As you all know summer 2020 semester was done online. So, I used my laptop to attend the classes and always keep backup data in case any internet issues occur. I always went through the video lectures before the classes and noted important topics which helped me in the exams. Class participation is very important for this course. I always tried to participate in the class which helped me to get a good grade. I attended all the classes becauses 100% attendance has a 3 mark bonus. Before the exam I went through the website's question bank and practiced with the sample exams. There were many bonus opportunities to improve our midterm scores which helped me a lot. I tried to complete all the assignments in time, that's why it did not conflict with other courses.

My advice for you guys is to participate in the class and attend all the classes for the bonus mark. You have to go through the video lectures and take notes of important topics for exams. Grab all the bonus opportunities you will get. If you have any kind of confusion about any topic don't hesitate to share those with the faculty. He is a helpful person and available in his office hours. That's all.

If you need any kind of help related to MIS 107 just give me a knock on FB. My fb id link

Best wishes for you guys.