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How I got a good grade: 

This is Hitoishi Anwar and I have completed the MIS107 (Computer Information System) under the guidance of our dearest and most amazing faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during the fall’19 semester. This course is certainly not very easy but at the same time it is rather easy to achieve a decent grade if you are on the right track. The instructor provides every little details and even explain it nicely in class and through his websites.

  • First of all, try to be regular in the class. Make sure you are participating in the class by sharing knowledge. You can get bonuses end of the semester if you have full attendance and participation as well.
  • Therer are a lot of chances to earn bonus points, grab them!
  • You have to read the book to do well in the IOA which will help you in the exam. You will get 90% MCQ and T/F from the IOA. IOA will be a big contributor in your grade. So do not forget to go through IOA before the exam otherwise you will have to suffer in the exam hall.
  • Don't miss any lab. Make sure you bring a laptop in your Lab classes to grab a bonus and also with the required software installed. Please note that you must pay 100% attention to your Lab classes otherwise you will be lost.
  • For the exam, try to solve the previous question paper. As a result, you will get a clear idea about the exam question. Read the book to collaborate with the concept. If you study hard for this exam, you can easily get 100% marks which will motivate you to do better in the next part of the course.
  • You need to work hard to acquire good marks in GA (group assignments). Always finish your works before deadline and make sure everything is to the point don’t write extra stuff in report or presentation or which you might lose points.
  • Have a clear understanding about the course website- how to use the FAQ and policies So, don’t get demotivated if you do not get a good score in your first mid because the faculty gives you enough chances to grab a bonus.

This is how I got an A. Hopefully it will help you too. I wish every one of you the very best for this course.