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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Everyone !

I am Jahidul Islam Riad. I have done MIS107 with Mr. Adeyl Khan, the coolest faculty of NSU. 

I followed all the instructions, lecture slides, and lecture videos. I also visited him during office hours whenever I had any confusion or question. He was very helpful.

Getting an A was not that hard. Varsity life is all about chilling, but you must study at least 1 hour daily to enjoy your life and stay pressure free. Don't just memorize but try to understand and relate the topic with real life. There will be tons of bonus marks from the faculty, and never ever miss any of them. Even if you bring your laptop to the lab classes, you will get bonus marks. How Cool is that !!!

Do not keep your study, assignments, and reports pending till the deadline. And the most important thing is, "Whatever happens, Keep Your Head Cool as Cucumber."

This is my Facebook Profile link if any of you want to get connected with me ( Jahidul Islam Riad )