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How I got a good grade: 

Jawad Araf Khan

NSU ID: 2013735630

It’s my great pleasure to share my experience with this course. I believe it will help others to attain their desired grade. As MIS207 is a system-oriented course and I made a system in myself.

First, I always ensured that I was 100% attentive and took all details, insights, examples, and concepts from a lecture. I kept a backup to achieve this- I logged into the online classes with both my laptop and mobile. I didn’t just rely on wifi and kept a mobile-data backup ready at all times. That doesn’t mean I did the classes on the mobile; I used a laptop whenever possible and used a hotspot in case of a broadband issue. During the hybrid classes, I went to class carrying my laptop to take screenshots and draw mindmaps as required.

I tried to study smart. After the lecture, I made mindmaps of the whole lecture. I highlighted the terms I found difficult and googled them. The exam questions were conceptual and context-based. So I always maintained a clear concept. If I felt like it was not clear, I asked the faculty during office hours. The sample questions provided are a must to get common questions. So I prepared answers for them thoughtfully, and it boosted my confidence. What helped me get a better grade than other students was that I followed the instruction provided.

I used Google Keep to note down the instructions to avoid forgetting them. I was amazed to discover mindmaps in this class. I found mindmaps make concepts very clear, yet some students did not use them effectively.

As a student of NSU, we chose a few courses every semester, and I had my share of course loads. I allocated time and assigned myself to the tasks for different courses. I didn’t procrastinate and didn’t wait for any deadlines at the last moment. I did all assignments timely and in advance if possible. So my courses or their studies didn’t conflict or hamper each other. Following the class decreased my workload- the interaction, taking notes, creating mindmaps, doing the labs. So, put all your energies into the classes- you will learn a lot.

The course touched real-world scenarios in a few cases, and it can improve your professional career. So take it seriously and follow the instructions. I can bet you there are few if any, such a cool and process-oriented faculty. So don’t waste your time and go with the flow of class instructions. Lift your enthusiasm to the class, know and learn a lot, and a good grade will follow you.

If anyone wants any help, feel free to reach me. I am available over most of the social platforms. Ask me for any personal or professional suggestions or help.
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