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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,
I am Kazi Lamia Haque, and I have done the MIS 207 course with none other than Mr. Adeyl Khan in this Summer 2019 semester. This course mainly comprises of how recently more businesses are adopting an online approach and “E-commerce”. Though you might hear rumours that this course is difficult, but with my experience I would beg to differ.
The faculty has designed this course in a way that makes the course load far less hectic. In my experience, while the course may seem very difficult in the beginning, remaining focused and objective in the classes allowed me to score well in the exams.
GAs: While most of the GAs are optional, I would insist that you submit them. Not only will the bonus from the presentation boost your grade, but this will help you to answer broad questions in your mids and the final.
IOA: Complete all the quizzes. And most importantly don’t forget to study them before the exam. Sometimes you will find answers for the short questions in these very IOAs. And you can answer all the mcqs and true/false questions just by studying the ioas.
Sample Questions: If you want to ace the exams easily, your best bet would be to practice all the past papers. You are sure to get something in common guaranteed. Also, don’t forget to print the latest paper the immediate class before the exams to get an 1% bonus.
Course Website: The course website was very useful to me, as I found all the study material arranged in one place. Not only I found announcements which gave me a reminder, the frequently updated marksheet allowed me to remain on track. I would suggest you to familiarize yourself with the course website as you will be here very frequently for the next 4 months. Did I mention that finding errors on the website gives you a bonus of 1% towards your Midterm 2? Well it does. In the meantime, don’t forget to view the bonus policy in the FAQ section.
Lab: Attend and Submit all labs including the bonus one, trust me it will help you answer the broad questions in the exam. Also, brining the laptop awards you a 1% bonus too.
Presentation: Try to give all of them including the optional ones with most of your group members. It is an easy bonus of 1% towards your GA.
Bonus: You have the opportunity for many different kinds of bonuses to elevate your grade. I would suggest everyone to make the best use of it. Even simply attending all the classes gives you a bonus of 3% towards your final examination.
I really hope my advice was helpful to you regarding how to handle this course. It really isn’t that difficult you you are willing to put in just a bit of effort. If you still need help, feel free to contact me to Facebook at :