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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I am Khadiza Naznin Huda, and I have completed my MIS107 (Computer Information System) course under the guidance of our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan, in the Fall 2020 semester. Exploring the world of the Information System was a rather insightful experience for me. 

In order to do well in the course here are some of the things I followed:

  • For this was an online semester, I made sure that my laptop was fully charged before every class along with access to a good internet connection. In case of a network interruption, I used my cell phone’s internet data package. I also kept multiple devices ready to be used in case of any power failure during the exams.
  • The course website is like a holy book where necessary information and documents related to the course is available. Before every class I used to watch the lecture videos and took notes of the important ideas. This helped me to have a good grasp on the topic as well as to participate in the class discussions. I reviewed the mind maps and solved the past question papers.
  • I had five other courses along with this one. Before the start of every week I designed a routine where I made sure to allocate equal study time to all the six courses. I also completed and submitted the assigned works way before the deadline. The skills I learned in this course proved to be really beneficial in my other courses as well as in practical life.
  • To do well in the course it is important to be punctual, attend classes regularly, study and participate in the bonus opportunities.

These were the things that helped me to not only achieve a good grade but learn significant ideas and skills. I hope you all have a wonderful semester ahead.