Kifayet Amina Ahmad
How I got a good grade: 

I will begin by saying that you need to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work for this course. After every chapter, sir posts an open book IOA and if you give them diligently, you will be half prepared for your mid term or final exams. Before sitting for your exam, review the IOAs’ because they will help you in the MCQ sections. For the broad/short questions, maintain a cheat sheet. I needed a few hours to prepare the cheat sheet because I would try to include a lot of things from the book and it really helped me during my exams.

The examination syllabus is usually four or five chapters so the amount of literature to cover is huge. If you really want to do well, then don’t study at the last minute, try studying at least a few days before the exams. Try studying a chapter or two everyday and keep time to revise. Even though you will have a cheat sheet, it won’t have everything you need for broad/short questions. Our Mgt314 exams had mathematics included so you have to practice the sums in the book and examples. If there is any mathematics portion in the book and if sir taught it in class, make sure you study it thoroughly because sir will probably give it in exams.

The project for this course is very challenging so in order to do well in it, start at least one month before the deadline. For our project, we needed to talk to lots of people and gather a lot of information so it really took time to compile the work. Alhamdulillah, since we tried to finish our project a few days before deadline, we had more time to correct and revise.

Don’t miss the classes, since sir is very strict about attendance. If you miss a class by any chance, then go to sir and request his permission to join another section. That way, you will not miss attendance. He also allows lots of chances for bonus marks so it really helps to perform in class for bonus.