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How I got a good grade: 

Greetings everyone,

I hope you are in good health. I am Kowshik Ahmed Fahim and I have done the course, Ebusiness (MIS207) with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020 semester. This is the second time I am writing here, and I wish you very good luck who are reading this. Follow few steps and you’ll also be ended up getting a very good grade and featured in the Hall of Fame.

Though we started the course very normally but the sudden lockdown because of the pandemic, we’d to shift to the online classes and complete the course totally from home. Understanding the situation the faculty reduced the workload compared to previous semesters. So it became easier to get a better grade.

As this semester, Summer 20, the course will be totally online-based do not panic. Actually you’ll get more learning & researching opportunities. If you can work smart & efficiently, you’ll definitely get a grade you desire. You need to be focused and organized with your activities. Don’t try to neglect the importance of the classes as now you can do anything during the class. Be pro-active, ask questions through comment box, be responsive, and keep 100% attendance with proper attention. If you face any difficulties do not hesitate to email the faculty or scheduling an online meeting. The faculty is very friendly and his classes are very fun and interactive if you pay attention to the class. I found the faculty very cooperative. So, do not hesitate to ask him for advice if you get stuck anywhere in the course.

I will talk about some tips and tricks that helped me throughout the course. I’ll keep it short & to the point so that it can be easier for you to understand.

Google Classroom, Meet & Attendance: Faculty post every notice & assignment here. You’ll find all the important resources here too. You have to submit your task via google classroom. So keep your notifications on. Do not miss classes, be on time & attentive to the class. I can’t stress this point enough. A lot of information is given in every class, so if you miss a class there will be a big gap in your understating of the chapters. Also, there is a hefty bonus for having full attendance at the end, so be sure not to miss out on free marks. Keep notes of the various diagrams the faculty shows. Faculty will provide you a mind mapping software, always collect the mind map as they will help you get a summary of the topic at a glance. Do not hesitate to answer the sudden questions he will ask, even if you’re wrong. It’ll only help you further your knowledge.

Course Website: This will be your bread and butter for this course. Learn the ins and outs of the course website at your earliest convenience. This is where you will get all the updates about the course. All the slides, IOAs, assignment, lab and bonus details will be delivered to you through the website. So, do keep a regular eye on the course website throughout the semester.

IOAs: Solve the IOAs as soon as they are posted on the website. Though we had only two IOAS, I am not sure about this semester. But you should not miss the IOAs.

Lab Work: Labs are generally very simple and easy to follow. And you’ll get complete advantage of online classes as our faculty share the recorded class on the course website. Just follow the instructions and you will be good to go. But if you are having difficulties, be sure to come forward with your problem.

Group Assignments: Be sure to choose your group mates carefully. Try to maintain a constant back and forth communication with them. Because online GAs are fun. Use google docs, slides & spreadsheets to work with your team. The faculty is very critical while checking group assignments so a lacking part can be detrimental to your GA grade. To avoid any lacking in your GA talk to the faculty during an office hour, share your assignment before the deadline, and ask for the support. The faculty will point out your lackings.

Sample Questions: Solve the sample questions from the previous semesters before MIDs & Final Assignment. You will get a very good idea about the short and broad question patterns. And you’ll get most of the common. We got Mid1 Bonus for bringing a solved sample question in this review class. The bonus was easy. As the faculty go through the last semester’s sample questions and discuss how to answer them.

Exam & Assignments: We attend the Mid1 offline but our Mid2 & Final was counted from our final assignment. The final assignment was so easy. There were only five questions and we had enough time to research & answer. A simple trick answering any broad question: Do your mind map & consider five dimensions. If you can write the answer to the point you’ll get the 100% marks. Be precise with your answers, do not write unnecessary literature.
In Mid1 we answered short questions, which were mostly diagram based. So, practice the necessary diagrams beforehand. Participate in the labs & GAs to answer broad questions perfectly.

Bonuses: I must say NEVER MISS A BONUS! There are a lot of opportunities to get bonuses throughout the semester. So, be sure to keep an eye out on the course website and in class for any notice about them. Bonuses generally involve easy and simple tasks. These will add up and make a considerable contribution to your final grade.

Finally, my advice would be to simply enjoy the course. Of course, the world is in a different situation right now but we should keep moving on with the new norm. Think about the better side of this online semester, you don’t have to waste time on traffic jam. You got more time to build yourself. Keep learning & growing! Don’t get stressed out about anything. Approach the course with an open mind and have fun. Remember, what you get always depends on your dedication and willingness to put in the work.

I wish these few words will be able to be helpful to you. If you have any queries, confusion, or need any advice, don’t hesitate to reach me. My Facebook:

You can reach me for self-development & professional advice at my Linkedin:

I hope you have a very good semester everyone! Stay safe & please take care.where you can easily learn how to solve the cube with the simple method!