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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

Assalamualaikum. I hope you are safe during this critical (corona) situation. 

I hope my words will remain relevant to your journey throughout the semester. I, Lamia Zaman Binty, completed my course E-Business (MIS207) under our respected faculty, Mr. Adeyl Khan (AYN), in the Fall of 2021. I must start by stating that you have one of the most supportive and coolest faculty as permy experience at North South University till now.

I think you believe that you need to study hard to get a good grade in this course. To me, you don't need to study as hard if you do it smartly. Here are a few smart recommendations.

  • Do the class by paying attention and try to participate by answering the questions. 
  • Try to understand the concept properly with different examples rather than memorizing. Trust me- it helps a lot. Attend the class on time. If you are late, it breaks the flow of the class. 
  • All the course materials, including lecture videos, are on canvas. So watch them before attending a class. It could be a bit difficult for you to understand the concept if you didn't watch the videos. 
  • For midterms and the final, you will find the sample question from the previous semester. Solving it will help you a lot. There is a two marks bonus opportunity for every exam; try to attend these. 
  • Do the lab properly. Lab work is really easy if you put some time into it. 

Best Tricks:

  • Never miss any bonus opportunity. 
  • Try to enjoy the course.

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