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How I got a good grade: 

Hi Everyone

I am Maruf Ahmed and I have completed the MIS207 (Ebusiness) course with one of the most patient and dedicated teachers of NSU, MR. Adeyl Khan in the Fall-2020.

That was one of the most challenging semesters (for the pandemic). Alhamdulillah I was able to snatch an 'A' even in this situation. Here I want to mention some points about how I got this grade and also some important suggestions based on my experience.

- Full attendance: This is the key to get attached to the course. Without attending most of the class, don't expect a good grade. I have attended all the classes and got a bonus at the end!

- Laptop with a good internet connection: It was really tough to have a working internet connection throughout the semester but Alhamdulillah except 1/2 cases I didn't face any problem. It helped me to engage in class and continue smoothly with the pace of the faculty. I used to keep backup internet always because once your network is gone during attendance you are done with it. The faculty barely considers network problems during attendance. Please use a laptop during the class. A large screen will help you to understand the discussion far better than your smartphone!

- Class Participation: One of the good features of the class is the recording. The faculty records participation in the smartest possible way and your class participation the overall grade as well. Make sure you are listening to the class and can answer discussion questions. You will find it's effectiveness during midterms and at the end for sure.

-Attending Bonuses: Please attend each and every bonus opportunity and believe me nothing can pull your grade to the top than a bonus. I didn't miss any of the bonus opportunities and literally without bonus opportunity maybe I couldn't get this grade. So again, please don't leave Bonus.

- Midterms & Final: I used to solve the mock questions and sample questions from the student share folder and it helped me mostly for midterm and final. So do this. Don't be late to submit any assignment. You need to give extra viva if you are late and my experience of extra viva is a bad idea particularly for weak students.

- Lab & Assignments: These two are the main differentiators among the grades. Please take these seriously otherwise at the end you won't see a good grade. I had a smart group and Alhamdulillah I have done well in these. So form a good group from the very beginning. These are graded in much detail and the faculty is rather careful so no scope of even a little plagiarism! Maintain time for submitting these as well.

This is the course- seems tough? But believe me, you will find the course so interesting, funny and easier as you progress. So, don't panic just be regular in the the class and participate. Thats it!

If you want to know more information just knock me at Facebook I would love to support you anytime.

Thanks for your patience reading. Have a good semester. Best of Luck for all of you!