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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Good People,

I am Md. Mehedi Hasan and I have done the MIS207 (Ebusiness) course in Summer-2020 under our respectable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. He was super cool in the whole semester.

I would like to let you know that MIS207 with this faculty is more like a game. You just have to be a good player in this game and you will get to know why it is called a game. Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! Getting an ‘A’ grade is much easier than getting a ‘B’ grade from him, believe me! Even I ended up getting an ‘A’ :). All my classmates helped me a lot too. You will have a lot of fun during the course. You will get to learn many many things from him and can execute those learnings in your practical life. You wouldn't believe that I even came up with my new business venture called "Noya Bazar BD" after being motivated by him. You can visit it via this link - 

There are many hacks that also can help you get an A grade in this course. First of all, don't forget to get connected with all of your course mates via facebook messenger. To achieve the full number in class participation, you will have to watch the lecture videos. In the class, when the faculty will be asking the questions (participation) try to give answers immediately. To do well in the Midterms and Final exams, you will have to watch the exam review class recording where the faculty solves many questions. The interesting thing is that you will find similar questions in the exam. Try to do all the lab assignments or group assignments after having a clear understanding because it will also help you in exams. Last of all, don't fear about giving viva. You will get full marks if your ideas regarding the questions are clear. It matters less if you could not clearly answer in the examination in the short time if you can explain those answers nicely during the viva. If you have any problems then don't hesitate to contact the faculty in the office hours.