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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Everyone,

I, Md. Nazmul Alam, did the Ebusiness (MIS207) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan in Spring 2022. It was an amazing experience.

I liked the faculty as well. I enjoyed all the classes- he made us laugh a lot whenever he thought the class got boring. I found this the most exciting part of this course. I bet you rarely get a faculty who always makes you smile except for the LAB exams.

If you want to get an A in this course, I recommend the following:
1. Attend all the classes on time and pay attention to the lectures.
2. Take lecture notes and participate in class by answering the questions asked. Reread this- this is important.
3. Attempt all the bonuses.
4. Solve the question banks provided before the exam.
5. Mindmap whenever you forget something during an exam.
6. Use examples in the exam from an organizational perspective.
7. Making a good group is very important as you will need a good grade in the group-works.
8. Don't forget to have a sound sleep before the exams.