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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum Everyone.

I am Mehedi Hasan. I have completed MIS107 under Mr. Adeyl Khan in spring' 20 semester and had an amazing time throughout the course. I have to mention that the facuty has a great sense of humor and tries his best to present all his lectures in an interesting way.

Being honest, the course is moderately tough and at some points, it gets very difficult to keep track of the course but all the course materials provided by the faculty helped me significantly to complete the course with a decent grade.

Here's how I aced the course.

Due to the pandemic, online classes were introduced and I was not at all interested in attending online classes as I feared that online classes won't be effective but I was wrong. The faculty gave a good effort to present all his slides online and it was not that difficult to understand the concepts. Moreover, there has his own MIS website where he updates each and everything that students need to complete the course. Class timings, lectures, online quizzes, meeting codes, lab works, etc are all available on the website.

In addition to this, keeping in touch with the textbook is very important. The end of chapter questions and glossary at the end of the book helped me a lot. Throughout the course, I was introduced to many new concepts and MIS terms. The textbook might seem boring and useless but trust me without it, it is not possible to get good marks in quizzes and term exams.

Coming to the lab works, they are very interesting even though I had to concentrate on every second of the class otherwise it is very easy to get lost in the lab works. I would encourage everyone to carry a laptop during the lab as it will get you a bonus.

For individual and group assignments it is important to have a clear knowledge of all the topics covered in class. Understanding the topic and good research on the topic of the assignment is crucial. Besides, I would encourage everyone to use office hours effectively as the faculty is always ready to help.

Without a valid reason, classes should not be missed. Getting full attendance is very easy and no one should miss this opportunity.

For term exams, the faculty has provided numerous question papers of recent semesters on his website and these papers are very helpful. Solving the papers will introduce the question patterns and help you prepare for the exams in the best possible way.

One good thing is the faculty gives the chance to collect as many bonuses as possible. It might seem that the bonuses are very small and not worth collecting but at the end of the semester, these bonuses play a very big role to acquire a good grade.

Following the class lectures, going through the slides and textbooks regularly, attending IOAs, and completing all the lab works and assignments on time helped me to get an A in MIS107. Moreover,I would like very much to help you study for the course and feel free to contact me on Facebook. Here is my FB link-

I hope you are going to enjoy the course with the faculty and complete the course with the best grades. May success be with you always. wishing you a big good luck!!