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How I got a good grade: 

Everyone, Assalaamualaikum,

I'm Minal Akter Sorna, and in the Fall of 2021, I took the MIS107 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my lecturer. It was my first semester, and it was a privilege to take this course with such a distinguished staff. By using various tactics, I was able to earn an A-.

1. First and foremost, aim to be punctual in class. Demonstrate that you are contributing to the class by sharing your knowledge. If you have perfect attendance, you are eligible for bonuses.

2. There will be several opportunities to gain bonus points. It would help if you seized them. It can assist you in improving your grade. Don't skip any labs or vivas if you want to obtain a bonus.

3. Make sure you have a laptop and a decent internet connection to attend your class.

4. Before tests, you should read books and presentation slides and solve the previous year's problems to comprehend the questions better.

5. You must keep your camera on and participate in class.

6. To get excellent grades in GA, you must put in a lot of effort (group assignments). Always finish your work before the deadline and double-check that everything is correct; you risk losing points if you put extra (non-relevant) information in your report or presentation.

So, be confident and focus on your lectures. It will help you to achieve a good result.