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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I am Sharafat Ullah from BBA department 192 batch. I did my MIS107 (Computer Information System) and MIS207 (Ebusiness) course in consecutive semesters under the faculty and achieved A- in both of the courses. As MIS207 was conducted totally online, it was a bit difficult to keep track. 

First I used my laptop to attend classes and made sure the device is fully charged beforehand. In case of any disruption, I kept my mobile standby with additional data as a backup device. Lecture videos were posted a day before the class. I would suggest to go through the slides first and then watch the lecture videos, this way I think it is much easier to get the concepts. I used to watch the videos regularly and participate in Q&A sessions in class to get participation points. Don’t be shy and ask any questions you might have.

There are two projects regarding group work, so make your group wisely. It actually carries a great portion of marks. As I did 4 subjects (courses), I would agree that I felt much pressure coping up with the studies. I would suggest to start getting on the projects as soon as you get them. I guess you guys will have viva from now on, trust me, it's super easy, no need to panic. Overall, best of luck. May you have a wonderful semester.

I would like very much to help you study for the course and feel free to contact me on Facebook. Link-