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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Guy's,
I'm Muhtasim-An-Nafi and I have done the "Computer Information System (MIS-107) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the Summer 2019 semester. Throughout the semester i followed some strategies and I ended up with A-.

  • Follow the course website and read all the FAQs to know all the rules and requirements.
  • Try to attend all the classes(100% attendance) for a 3% bonus on your final grade.
  • I will recommend not to miss any of the IOAs because the quiz are quite exactly the same that you will encounter in midterms and final.
  • Choose your group mates carefully for group assignments.Try to complete every single assignment and submit it on time on google classroom.The broad questions in midterms and final are from the labs and assignments so, completing group assignments are very important and you may also get 1% or 2% bonus if you complete optional assignments.
  • Lab classes are fun.You will learn a lot about MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS ACCESS etc. During the lab class just follow the instructions and bring a laptop to get 1% bonus
  • Solve previous semester's question papers and try to understand the concepts. You may also get bonus points for solving the scripts.
  • Visit the faculty during the office hours if you are facing any complications.

I hope i was able to helpful to you but if you still have any queries or need any help feel free to knock me on Facebook anytime.