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How I got a good grade: 

As-salamu alaykum everyone,

I am Muntaha Ferdausi and I have done the course E-business (MIS207) with our respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during Spring 2020. Though the semester was quite challenging due to pandemic, The fcaulty has made this journey easy on us. Some of you might find this course difficult at first but if you follow the instruction properly I ensure you will end up with a good grade. But to ensure an A grade, here are some tips you can follow:

Course website: Make sure you register on the website the very first day and keep yourself updated with it. Check out the FAQ if necessary you can find every possible solution to your problems there.

Online Classes: Make sure you pay attention in the class, listen to the lectures and all the examples that he provides which helps a lot with the assignments and to have a clear understanding of the topic.

IOA: For every single chapter there is an IOA/quiz in the website but only some are graded. You can find all the solutions in the book. Graded or not make sure you attend all of them as it helps most with the midterms and final.

GA: Do choose your group mates wisely and read out the guidelines properly. Make sure you understand every single word if not do ask the CR or even the faculty for further clarification. For any solution do always browse through google first and do the necessary research. If not yet clear check out the lectures and mind maps again.

Lab Assignments: You might find the labs a bit challenging but if you follow the instructions and class properly it is easy to get full marks. You can also find the tutorials of the whole lab assignment in the website

Midterms and Finals: Solve the past papers available in the website, you can find all the solutions in the slides and IOAs. You can also refer to the mind maps and even you can go through the lectures again to have a better understanding of the question.

Bonuses: The course provides plenty of opportunities to retrieve your marks in each assignment therefore you must be aware of all bonus policies. You can find them out in the FAQ section of the website.

The faculty has made this course a good fit for online platforms, you just need to be attentive throughout the course and follow the necessary instructions properly. Wish you all the best and hope you find the above suggestions useful. I would like very much to help you further to study for the course, so do always feel free to contact me on Facebook ."