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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. This is Namirah Ahmed Bushra and I have done MIS207 (E-Business) with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020 semester. The semester started normally like every other time, but as the pandemic arose, we had to move to the virtual class, which was a whole new experience for all of us. But the best thing about this situation was that we got more virtual learning and researching opportunities. And Mr. Khan, being a very friendly and cooperative faculty, was always there to help us out whenever we need any sort of assistance. I have shared some advice below, which I feel will help you go through the semester:

Course Website: It will be your “best friend” for this course. You will get all the updates and course materials here. If you have any confusion about anything, you can always check for it in the FAQ sections. So always be in touch with the course website.

Attendance: Please be on time, attend all the classes and be attentive. If you miss one class, you will actually miss out a lot of things which will create an understanding gap. Also for 100% attendance, you get a solid 3% bonus and I am sure no one would take an opportunity to miss such an easy bonus.

Virtual Class: You will surely have a good experience here with lots of new facilities. The faculty will use Mind-maps to teach and will also provide the required software. You will get a synopsis of each topic discussed through the mind maps, which I found really helpful. The Class-Recordings are available on the course website. Please go through them. It really helps!

IOAs: Most IOAs are optional but I suggest you not to miss them because they greatly help you in the proper understanding of the chapters. These will also help you in earning good marks in Mids and Final.

Sample Paper: Solve all the past papers available through the course website. You will surely end up with a very good score in your Mids and Final if you do so. Additionally, you might get a Bonus point for solving the latest sample paper. So just get that!

LABs, GAs, Term Paper, Presentation: Don’t miss the Lab Session as you will get one broad question in mid and final from it. Also for doing the optional labs, you get bonus marks. Group Assignments (GAs) are very important because there’s a separate mark allocated for this part and also you will get one broad question in mid and final from it. Do the Term Paper properly. Make sure you do enough research before start doing the term paper. The presentations are optional but you should always go for it as it earns you Bonus marks once again.

MIDs and FINAL: Solving all the IOAs, Sample papers and doing all the Labs and GAs will surely get you a good grade. Practice all the necessary diagrams and write answers of the questions precisely.

Our Mid-2 and Final were marked based on the Final assignments where we were given 5 simple questions to answer. We had to write the answers considering five dimensions. For this, you should go through the books and can also take help from online resources and then write in your own way.

Additional Suggestions:

  • Believe in yourself and be Confident. Please stay away from the negativity if you want to do well in this course. Those reviews from your peers might misguide you and might make you lose your confidence.

  • Set your own goals and deadlines. When I was saw the Hall Of Fame in our first class, on that very day, I made a promise to myself that by hook or crook I will make my way into this and Alhamdulillah, today I am here.

  • Make sure you have a Good Group because in this course your grade greatly depends on your group members as well.

  • The faculty is very friendly and cooperative. If you ever face any problem, Feel Free to Ask him.

  • Be Interactive. Participate in the class. This won’t just show your response but also will help you in better understanding of the topic.

  • Read Books because “the more you Know, the more you Grow”.

  • Take all the opportunities to earn the Bonus. Don’t miss them.

Finally, I wish you all the best for the semester. Enjoy the course, learn and discover new things and have fun. Stay safe and take care.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me via my Facebook ID: