Naveed Bin Monnaf
How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone I am Naveed Bin Monnaf.

University is the place to study and also utilize time in search for knowledge. While doing course with AYN sir, I really felt I acquired proper knowledge in the course. Sir is really helpful and that is something every student desire in a good teacher.
Well truth to be told there is no shortcut to achieve success but there are ways to achieve them.

1. IOA's are really helpful because they are good source for Mid term exam preparation. To do well in this it is vital to study book thoroughly.

2. Assignments are good because it shows how to do given task properly and professionally. In order to do good in assignments have to understand what is expected by teacher and how it will be explained the best way. It also requires a student to follow teacher given instruction to do assignment and send them as well.

3. Term project is a good way to exhibit the potential found from a course by a student. To do well in project it is important to understand what topic is chosen and how fluently a student can express knowledge of it to other fellow students and respected faculty. But beware don't copy paste anything because it is an act of plagiarism. Work on your content and project it the best way possible.

4. Exams are the most vital part of any course. To do well in exam i will highly suggest to study text book, use cheat sheet, understand and acquire knowledge from slides and try to do well in IOA's.

If you can follow these I don't think it is impossible to get good grades. You want to know how deep the scores can go? The score I got in this course was my university lifetime's best score in any course. It was 99.85%. Now that is something a student should aim for.

I hope my experience inspire you all and wish all of my fellow students best of luck in their life. Thanks to AYN sir, it was wonderful to be taught by you.

I would like very much to help you studying for the course and feel free to call me at my number : +8801722160495.