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How I got a good grade: 

Ebusiness (MIS207) is one of the most fun courses I have studied at NSU, and thanks to Mr. Adeyl Khan for making it so enjoyable.

Firstly to achieve a good grade, one needs to be sincere with the subject. The first step to sincerity while studying is to ensure you are attending all the classes. This online semester I ensured that I had enough backup of data packages and laptop. To guarantee that my laptop was working correctly, I turned it in at least 30 minutes before classes checked for updates and security updates to avoid getting interrupted in between classes.

The second step is to study the subject sincerely. The easiest way to do it is to listen to the class lectures attentively and note down the important points like examples discussed in the class. Revise the content that very day and in case of any doubt, ask the faculty for suggestions. He was very helpful in explaining things during office hours.

I faced many challenges with other course loads where I had to prepare many projects and assignments. I managed my time by giving my 100% in listening to the classes attentively without missing a single class. That’s where I cleared almost 90% of the concepts, and it saved me much time. Before exams, I had ample time to revise and focus on assignments that were due.

Securing an A did seem challenging at first, to be honest. Especially after the first class, going through the guidelines and course outline, I was quite scared. I was determined and made sure I attended all the classes and kept on track by understanding the topics taught. Gradually, I overcame my fear and started to enjoy the classes, as the faculty made it quite enjoyable with his witty examples.

To get a good grade, you need to start preparing yourself from day one of the course. Try to be participative in class, ask questions, and take notes, especially understand the examples discussed in class. Try not to miss a class. Don’t plagiarize anything, be it assignments or projects. Just by doing this, you can secure an A easily.

If you need any help or suggestions regarding this course or any other courses, please feel free to contact me and let me know. I will be delighted to help. Connect with me