Nishat Nailah
How I got a good grade: 

Hello good people!
I’m Nishat Nailah. I did my MIS105 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my faculty in the Fall’17. It was a sophiticated class and exciting as well. I got an A by following these tactics:

  • Attend all the classes. It will bring you bonuses as well
  • Don’t miss any IOA (online quiz) or lab. You need to be very punctual about the LAB submission and attending IOAs
  • Be professional and objective in class
  • Practice previous semester’s question paper and prepare well before the exam
  • Follow the website on a regular basis for updates about IOAs, labs and announcements
  • Try to grab the bonus points offered by the faculty

If you face any problem regarding the course, please contact the faculty during the office hour. The faculty is one of the most helpful faculties in NSU. You can get help from the facebook page of this course also.
Wish you all the very best. May the odds be in your favor In-shaa ALLAH 